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Signs That Your Senior Relative Might Benefit from Moving to a Care Facility 


As we get older, the type of lifestyle that we have been leading might no longer be the right fit for us. Elderly people often require more care, are at a higher risk of accidents and health issues, and can be more susceptible to isolation and loneliness, which in turn can create depression and anxiety. If you are caring for a senior parent or relative, then it might be down to you to look out for any signs that it might be time for them to move somewhere that they will be able to get the additional support they need. Often, this is an assisted living facility. Some signs that your relative might benefit from moving include.

They are Overwhelmed

Assisted living communities are designed to take a lot of the pressure off seniors by providing them with a small home such as a studio apartment, and everything is covered financially with one flat fee. If you have noticed that your relative is becoming increasingly overwhelmed with everything that they have to do at home such as household chores and paying bills, then it might be worth considering suggesting a move where this might be easier for them, such as senior living in Oak Park Illinois

They Have More Accidents

While anybody can have a minor accident around the home from time to time or slip and fall, if it’s happening a lot, then it might be a sign that your relative could benefit from having somebody there to watch out for them. The best thing about assisted living facilities is that they are designed to be safe. And while your relative will be able to live as independently as possible, there will always be somebody on the site who can help them out if they fall or have an accident. 

They are Lonely

No matter how often you might try and visit your senior relative and spend time with them, it might not be enough to prevent loneliness from setting in. As family members we can only do what we can as we have other commitments in our own lives that might prevent us from spending a huge amount of time with our senior relatives. If you are concerned about your relative becoming isolated, or if they are showing signs of poor mental health as a result, then it might be worth considering moving to a facility where they can be surrounded by people with lots of options for socializing and making friends. 

Their Health is Deteriorating

If you have noticed that your senior relative is not in great health, and is requiring more and more health support, then it could be a good idea to talk to them about moving to an assisted living facility, where there will be more healthcare support available on site. Or, if you are worried about dementia, it may be worth considering a memory care facility with specially trained staff who are equipped to deal with this condition. 

If you are caring for a senior relative, then it’s good to know what to look out for when it comes to the signs that they might benefit from a change in their living arrangements. 


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