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A Simple Guide to Organizing Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower


There is no other celebration which can be bursting to the brim with sentiment and love than that of a baby shower, and if you have volunteered, or indeed been tasked with organizing your best friend’s baby shower, then you have come to the right place.

Here is a simple guide to organizing the ultimate baby shower, from start to finish.

Pick a Personalized Theme

If you ask a collection of random people on the street to name a popular theme for a baby shower, they are likely to reel off such ideas as the jungle, an animal theme, or a circus aesthetic, and whilst all such ideas would work, there is another option.

Instead of choosing a baby shower theme which is based around children and their traditional likes, you could, instead, base the shower around a particular passion of the mommy-to-be themselves. For example, if they are obsessed with all things Harry Potter, you could have everyone dressed as witches and wizards, and transform the venue into a vision of Hogwarts. 

Food & Drink

Not only should the food and drink at your bestie’s baby shower cater for adults and children alike, but you should also ensure that all bases are covered in terms of allergies and preferences, particularly if the guest list is long.

Booking the baby shower at a restaurant or in the hired room of a pub will eradicate this need to worry about providing the refreshments and party food yourself, but for a more intimate at-home baby shower, hiring professional party bar staff from eventbartenders.com is the way to go. 

Fun & Games 

Even if you decorate the venue beautifully and your theme is evident everywhere you look, it is highly likely that, unless you provide various icebreakers, people are unlikely to mingle and are far more likely to stick to groups of people they already know. 

Arranging different games, even if you do not get around to using them all, is the best way to bring everyone together and may even result in new bonds, connections, and friendships forming in the future. 

Just a few ideas for some fabulously fun games to plan for your bestie’s baby shower include:

  • Guess the Gender & Name of the Baby
  • Baby Bingo 
  • Pin the Pacifier on the Baby
  • Guess the Candy Bar
  • Emoji Anagrams 

It’s All About the Cake

As with the majority of other celebrations and party themes, the focal point of a baby shower, aside from the mom-to-be herself, naturally, is the cake. 

If you are working with an understandably limited budget, then the cake should be one of, if not the first thing you arrange and, as a general rule, the more ostentatious, the better. From teddy bear cakes with a surprise filling of jelly beans to a considerably more adult-themed baby shower cake, the possibilities are endless. As long as the cake design you choose is a showstopper, your baby shower is bound for success.