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Brock Edward Lesnar: WWE & UFC Professional Wrestler, Know About His Bio & More

Brock Lesnar

Brock Edward Lesnar, an American-Canadian professional wrestler is one of the most liked and followed wrestlers. He is popularly called Brock Lesnar.

He has won many titles as a wrestler and he is continually participating to win many more. Currently, he is in an agreement with the WWE- World Wrestling Federation and fighting for them.

He is the only wrestler to obtain success in all the heavyweight championships of WWE, UFC, NCAA, AND NJPW

Brock Edward Lesnar’s Bio

The South Dakota-born Brock Lesnar is the sole fighter to win every heavyweight championship. He is a born winner, whether it is WWE or UFC or any other platform, victory becomes his destiny and this is what we call a real champion. 

Let’s come further to know more about the superstar of the wrestling world’s age, early life, education, net worth, etc.

Age, Date Of Birth, Height, And Weight Of Brock Lesnar

The top dog of wrestling, Brock Lesnar came to this world on the 12th of July 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, United States of America. He is a 45 years old tough guy.

As the famous saying goes, age is just a number that fits fully on Lesnar, as he doesn’t look like 45 at all. His strength, toughness, and willpower of winning are just increasing day by day.  

He is a tough and tall man of height 6 feet and 3 inches(191cms) bearing a weight of 130kgs(280lbs). 

Early Life, Education, And Family Of Brock Lesnar 

Lesnar was born to Richard Lesnar(father) and Stephanie Lesnar(mother) as their 3rd child. They live in America as a simple family. His parents owned a dairy, which is their way of living for them.

He has two brothers Troy Lesnar and Chad Lesnar and one sister Brandi Nicole Lesnar

When Lesnar turned 17, he started a job in a national guard, but the job was finished as soon as it started. This happens because of the color blindness disease possessed by Brock Lesnar.

He was removed from the job as he is unable to do the typing work correctly. Then he started to do a job at a construction site.

He did his schooling at Webster High School. During his High School days, he started to play football.

His higher qualification is not known, only the name of the college is there which comes to be known as his college is the University of Minnesota. 

Career Achievements Of Brock Lesnar

There are lots of achievements achieved by Brock Lesnar in his career not only as a wrestler but as a footballer and a mixed martial arts champion also but here we talk about his wrestling career.

  • Brock Lesnar set the record for joining the WWE at the youngest age of 25 only. He debuted in 2002 in WWE and became the world’s youngest WWE champion. 
  • After a break of some time from WWE, he then debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling(MJPW).
  • After his return to WWE, at Wrestlemania, he beat the Undertaker and made a full stop on his big streak. 
  • After this win, he got boosted and won many world championships and compel a number of records. 
  • He is one of the greatest achievers who won all three greatest fights– the Royal Rumble Match, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and the king of the ring match. 

Here is a brief record of his victories:

  • WWE Universal Championships(3 times)
  • The Royal Rumble Match( 2 times)
  • WWE Championships(7 times)
  • WWE Year-End Award of the Hottest Competition(1 Time)

And the list just goes on. 

Brock Lesner’s Wife Rena Marlette Lesnar

Rena Marlette, popularly known by her ring name, Sable. Sable is a retired wrestler and an American model. She debuted in 1996 and was the star of her time.

Before getting married to Brock Lesnar in 2006, Rena underwent 2 unsuccessful marriages.1st marriage with Wayne Richardson (1987-1991), and second with Mac Mero(1994-2004). 

Brock Lesnar and Sable are living a happy life. They have 2 children together, Turk born in 2009, and Duke born in 2010.

Sable has a daughter from his previous marriage. And Brock Lesnar has 2 more children who are twins, from his girlfriend, Nicole McClain, namely Mya Lynn and Duke.

So Brock has a total of 4 children of his own.

Net Worth Of Brock Lesnar

He is one of the highest-paid wrestlers in WWE with a yearly pay of $ 12 million. His net worth is $28millions.

Social Media Activity Of Brock Lesnar

On Twitter Brock Lesnar has 1.4M followers. He used to be an active user of Twitter before 2020 from then he has just disappeared from there. He does not have an Instagram or Facebook account. 

Latest News Regarding Brock Lesnar

  • On 18th September 2022, Roman Reigns confessed that Brock Lesnar is extremely tough to work with.
  • News is coming for the comeback of Brock Lesnar on 1 Jan 2023 in WWE as he has been away from WWE since SummerSlam. 


So our wrestling hero, Brock Lesnar is the king of controversies. Controversy follows him everywhere. But recently he is quite slow in this, which is good as well. There is no recent controversy regarding Brock Lesnar. 


Q1. What is the age of Brock Lesnar?

Ans 45.

Q2. What is the name of his wife?

Ans. Rena Marlette, famous as Sable.

Q3. How many children does Brock Lesnar have?

Ans 4.

Q4. What is the nationality of Brock Lesnar?

Ans American.

Q5. Is he retired?

Ans No.

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