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How Can Nasal Vaccines Of COVID-19 Be The Best Next Thing?

Nasal Covid Vaccines

Nasal or mucosal vaccines will be effective against even mild infections. They will also be blocking transmissions. This will change the way we fight the pandemic. These mucosal vaccines will be our way out of this pandemic.

While the world is battling covid19, India is gearing up for its first-ever nasal vaccine launch. The fight against covid will become easier with the nasal vaccine when these vaccines are not only way more effective but also are the cheapest of all vaccines we currently have in the market. 

Bharat Biotech, the Indian agency for vaccine production, announced that BBV154(iNCOVACC), will be the world’s first intranasal Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine has received approval from the govt and is all set for launch. This shall possibly change the way we see covid19.

This vaccine blocks the transmission of the illness, hence it is believed that the vaccine will very well be effective against mild cases of illness or cold. 

“The pandemic is continuing even after so long and rampant vaccinations because of the emergence of new variants one after another,” Says a professor at Washington University “In order to break this cycle of variants and new variants all we need is the nasal vaccine of covid19 – and this is how this form of vaccine can be a gamechanger in our fight with COVID19.

The Vaccine Produces Strong AntiBodies 

Intranasal vaccines produce antibodies in the upper respiratory passage of the human body. And that’s exactly where SARS-CoV2 enters the human body. If an individual is given covid19 intra-nasal vaccine, they can very well fight the virus well over time. 

What does it mean? It indicates that there will be quick eradication or elimination of the virus even before it has begun, with this intranasal vaccine having a fine edge over other vaccines. Scientists belonging to  IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research), have said that, since the infection is taken care of early in time – the chances of the virus spreading in the body reduce by a good margin. 

Besides India, there are some other countries that have given the green signal to the usage of intranasal vaccines for COVID-19. India is perhaps not the only one in this race. So has China. India’s intra-nasal vaccines are a form of drops to be dropped from the nose, while for china it’s the inhaler that does from the nose. 

There has been a successful trial on over 50k people and this vaccine has outdone many other forms of vaccines, hence Bharat Biotech is keen on this mission. These vaccines are safe and give a strong immunity against the virus.

These vaccines move to the small/thin membrane of the nose/tongue and that way they work quickly and well before covid19 even enters the human body. 

BBV154 is made of a relative in the family of cold/cough viruses. These viruses produce a spike in protein areas and produce antibodies in the human body. These antibodies are effective against covid19. 

Advantages/Benefits Of Nasal Vaccines

There are several leads of Nasal vaccine technology over the rest but the two most prominent of them is they are easier to conduct on the mass level without the need to get injected. And second, they are better as compared to other vaccines because they directly go through the lungs and that is where the virus enters from. 

With the clear ease of conducting these vaccines its clear that the government can conduct these vaccine shots on the mass and large-scale level at once. There isn’t much evidence of their effectiveness in some domains and that’s under study – however, these vaccines can very well fight against the new variants of the covid19 virus. 

Generally, it’s noticed that people are afraid of syringes – especially kids. We have noticed in the case of polio vaccines that the vaccines when given oral are way easier to give. The same applies here.

Another important point here is cost. These vaccines will be cheap and affordable for everyone. Vaccine shots in other cases usually cost money that otherwise the poor can’t afford. But with nasal shots of covid vaccines, we can ensure easy and smooth access to vaccines for each and every individual. 

Getting shots of these vaccines does not require much effort. It’s easy and smooth. People take drops via the nose, the vaccine is affordable and this way it’s overall a breakthrough and game-changer in our fight against covid19.

Significantly the structure of the nasal vaccine shots makes it easy and fast to update when new variants are caught by people. The vaccines can switch from one form of the spike of protein simply to other – with this these vaccines are self-adjusting and a breakthrough in our fight with the covid19 virus. 


What will be the cost of Nasal Vaccines for COVID-19?

The prices are not clear yet, but it’s certain that these vaccines will be cheaper in price.

How are doses of nasal vaccines given?

The doses are given with the help of drops. These drops are poured inside the nose.

Are these vaccines effective against new variants of covid19?

Yes, absolutely.

Is India the only country to give a green signal to these vaccines?

Not really, China also has given a pass to the nasal vaccines, although they follow a different approach/method.

Who is leading this project?

In India Bharat Biotech is leading the project.