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You must have watched the hit Netflix drama Narcos, and noticed how Pablo Escobar’s family were slowly introduced to the dark and shady business of drugs and met a whole new side of Escobar. But have you ever heard of a whole family involved in crime Chattanooga obituaries and illegal business? 

Nicole Flenory was the younger sister/sibling of Demetrius aka Big Meech and Terry aka Southwest T. The family is known by the name BMF (Black Mafia Family). The Black Mafia Family was America’s greatest and most notable narcotics supply chain. Demetrius and Terry were known by their street names, “Big Meech” and “Southwest T“, respectively. 

Nicole Flenory Age, Height & Weight:

Nicole Flenory was born in 1974 to parents Charles and Lucille (Specific Date of Birth Unknown) in Dartmouth, a town in the City of Detroit, Michigan. In 1970, around 30% of African Americans resided in Detroit. She is currently 48 years old. The height and weight of Nicole Flenory are unknown.

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Nicole Flenory Early Life & Education:

Nicole Flenory was unknown to most people because she used to maintain a private life and lived under the radar for the majority of her lifetime. Nicole mostly lived away from the spotlight. The primary reason for this ‘living under the hide’ lifestyle for Nicole was because she didn’t want herself to get involved in their brothers Big Meech’s and Southwest’s ‘Black Mafia Family’ business related to illegal drug trafficking and also she didn’t want to use the blood money came from drugs and other shady business and buy herself the riches. 

Nicole only became famous after her family business revolving around her brothers and Black Mafia Family was adopted for a web series that goes by the same name, i.e., BMF, released in 2021 on the Amazon Prime platform. As shown in the show/documentary, the Flenories were not financially stable and their parents were strict and religious. 

Both the brothers started drug operations because they thought it was ‘non-violent’ but Nicole was clear from the beginning she wanted no part of the dirty money even though they were playing in millions daily that’s probably the reason why she just came into the limelight and was living in the shadows before. Regarding her education, it is assumed that she finished high school in Detroit (hometown) itself but her academic history and information about her educational background remain unknown.

Nicole Flenory Career:

Not much information is available about Nicole Flenory’s Career/Profession. But from the interviews she gave to various news channels and newspapers, one thing was clear she never wanted any share of the profits that came from the BMF drug operations, knowing that almost all of those funds were made by committing a felony or illegal business and Nicole never wanted money from any of the BMF’s misdeeds. Since Nicole was not much in the public/spotlight often very little is known about what she did for a leaving and how she managed her house except the fact that there are some scenes in the BMF show/documentary that show the real Nicole Flenory herself rather than the actor playing her so those cameos could be considered as a part of his career.

Nicole Flenory Relationship:

Very little to almost no information is present about Nicole Flenory’s relationship and his marital status but she does have 2 sons with whom she lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan which indicates that at one point in her life she did marry someone whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet.

Nicole Flenory Net worth:

As of 2022, Nicole Flenory is said to have a net worth of almost $5 Million, compared to their brothers the amount is very less given that Big Meech and Southwest T had a net worth of $100 Million each which is not surprising given that they ran a drug organization and their younger sister Nicole didn’t want any part of it that’s why her net worth is way less than her brothers.

Nicole Flenory Social Media:

Surprisingly all three Flenory Siblings are active on social media. Out of the three, Terry Flenory is most active on Instagram and also his account is verified by Instagram. All three are only present on Instagram and no other social media platform. Their Accounts are:

1. Nicole Flenory: @ibeennicoleflenory (7,926 Followers) 

2. Big Meech: @blackmafiafamilyforever (116K Followers)

3. Southwest T (Terry Flenory): @southwest263 (325K Followers)

Nicole Flenory Recent News:

The Whole Flenory Family was recently trending all over the internet (in 2021) when a TV Show on their real life was released by Amazon Prime. The whole history of the family was shown in the 1st Season itself and it contains 8 Episodes.

FAQs about Nicole Flenory

1. What is BMF?

Ans. BMF is the short term for Black Mafia Family, the most prominent drug distribution network in American History.

2. Who operated BMF?

Ans. Their business was handled by the brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory who eventually went on to become powerful figures in a multi-stage drug and funds laundering organization.

3. Who is Nicole Flenory?

Ans. Nicole Flenory was the younger sister/sibling of Demetrius aka Big Meech and Terry aka Southwest T.

4. What is Nicole Flenory’s Net worth?

Ans. As of 2022, Nicole Flenory is said to have a net worth of almost $5 Million.

5. What is Big Meech’s Social Media Handle?

Ans. Big Meech’s Social Media Handle is @blackmafiafamilyforever.

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