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Kendra Lust: An American Pornstar Celebrity, Her Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth


Kendra Lust is an American porn actress who makes s*xually explicit content for a living. Kendra Lust is also an actress who has appeared in several pornographic films for adult websites. Kendra Lust is a pornstar who has starred in plenty of NSFW videos.

Kendra is also a director who creates X-rated films and is very popular in the porn industry. She made her debut in the industry as an actress in 2012 and went on to have an amazing career, which made her the most searched actress on porn sites in 2016. 

It is said that even though she had a short career (2012–2016), she became famous as one of the most versatile actresses of her generation, and her fame paid off when she won numerous Actress of the Year awards at different adult award functions. Even though she is retired from the industry, she still creates content for which users have to pay.

Kendra Lust’s Physical Structure

Kendra Lust (name at the time of birth: Michele Anne Mason) was born on September 18th, 1978 in Madison Heights, Michigan, USA. She is about 44 years old. 

Kendra is 5 feet 4 inches tall, or 1.63 meters, approximately, and she weighs around 55kg or 121lbs. Other bodily features that she possesses are dark brown eyes and black hair. Kendra Lust’s body measurements are 32-26-40 inches.

She has a slender body with a buxom personality. And this was the reason why people loved to watch her videos and because of this the revenue generation increased by a few percent on some sites.

Kendra Lust’s Early Years And Education:

The names of Kendra Lust’s mother and father are unknown. Even though no information is available about her parents, she is believed to be of French, Canadian, and Italian ethnicity. Her father was Italian. Kendra Lust is of unknown descent, or her ancestry isn’t disclosed yet.

She was not the only one born, she has a sibling, a sister whose name and other specifics aren’t available. Not much information is available about what Kendra did before entering the adult industry and also about her childhood.

It is said that Kendra was a tomboy in her school days. While in high school, she loved to play basketball and softball. The name of the high school Kendra attended is not known. After completing high school, Kendra enrolled at The University of Michigan. She was studying to be a nurse and graduated with a nursing degree.

Kendra worked as a stripper and performed lap dances for strangers to pay for her tuition and college fees. Not so popular in college and striving to make ends meet, the only thing Kendra was focused on was earning enough money to put her through college and help her get the nursing degree for which she was working very hard. And Kendra was successful in paying the college fees and received the nursing degree that she wanted.

Kendra Lust’s Career As An Pornstar:

After graduating with a degree in nursing, Kendra Lust worked for seven years as a professional nurse. A time came when she got bored with her job as she wasn’t getting paid enough for the hard work and dedication she put into it.

Finally, fed up, she decided she’d become a porn actress. This decision came after she quit her job as a nurse, and she knew she could become big in the pornographic industry because she already had experience as a stripper. 

Kendra’s journey to becoming a pornstar wasn’t a normal one because she didn’t give auditions and never came on the casting couch like other porn stars do to get cast for videos in famous adult content creation companies such as Brazzers, Pornhub and more.

In just a few days of its release, Kendra’s debut video was already viewed by millions of people all over the world, who were astonished by her body and her acting skills.

Soon, she became so popular all over the world that directors started contacting her to make stand-alone films with her as the lead. And Kendra Lust did star in a few of them, such as Mother’s Secret Twins, Vision of Lust, etc, and thousands of copies were sold worldwide, which made her even more famous.

And following her popularity and giving hits, she won the Best Body and Performer of the Year awards in different award shows such as Xbiz Awards, Night Moves Awards, AVN awards, and many more.

Kendra Lust’s Relationship:

Kendra Lust is married to Charles Cleve Mason Jr. who is a policeman by profession. No information is available on how Kendra met Charles and when they got engaged and married. Similarly, there is no dating history available for the duo.

The information isn’t shared by Kendra or her husband. The couple has a daughter whose name and date of birth aren’t available either. It is said the family of three lives happily in Kendra’s hometown in Michigan, USA.

Kendra Lust Net-worth:

Thanks to her performance and acting skills, Kendra Lust lives a lavish and grand lifestyle. As of 2022, her net worth is around $3 million. She mostly earns through the videos that are available on famous adult sites and stand-alone films she acted in which were released on DVDs.

She also earns money through her website, which sells t-shirts, hoodies, signed photographs, and personalized video messages. Another source of Kendra’s income is through her Only Fans account, where users pay a monthly subscription to watch her content and also her podcast “Beauty and the Beast”.

Kendra Lust on Social Media:

Kendra Lust is very active on social media and has a huge following on Instagram. She has 8 million followers and has posted more than 1000 posts and also follows more than 2000 people. Her username is @kendralust.

Kendra mostly shares photos of herself at sports events, bathroom selfies, and erotic photoshoots. On Twitter (@Kendralust) where she posts NSFW announcements about her only fans and other stuff. She has 1.3 million followers and follows more than 4,000 people there.

FAQs About Kendra Lust

1. Who is Kendra Lust?

Ans- Kendra Lust is an American porn actress who creates adult content.

2. When and where was Kendra Lust born?

Ans- Kendra Lust was born on 18th September 1978 in Madison Heights, Michigan in USA.

3. What is Kendra Lust’s net worth?

Ans- As of 2022, Kendra Lust’s net worth is around $3 Million.

4. What was Kendra’s profession before entering the adult industry?

Ans- Kendra worked as a nurse before entering the adult industry.

5.  What is the name of Kendra Lust’s husband?

Ans- The name of Kendra Lust’s husband is Charles Cleve Mason Jr.

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