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YouTuber James Charles Bio – Age, Gender, Net Worth, Palette, Instagram, Recent News & More


James Charles Dickinson is a makeup artist and Youtuber by profession. He is 23 years old now and was born on May the 23rd, 1999. The Zodiac sign of James Charles Dickinson is Gemini. James Charles Dickinson was born in Albany County, New York, and his nationality is American.

James Charles Dickinson Wiki/Biography

James Charles is basically an entrepreneur and makeup artist by profession. James Charles is an excellent makeup artist of America. He has a huge knowledge about the makeup products from different types of brands. James Charles is very popular for his Youtube channel, in which he posts videos of reviews of makeup products from various brands. He also uploads vlogs on his Youtube channel, which mainly show his lifestyle and daily routine. James Charles Dickinson is famous for his Youtube channel because the type of content that he puts up in his Youtube channel is very interesting and informative to watch for the public. Dickinson’s favourite food  being a non-vegetarian, is Starbucks’s pink drinks, along with ginger bread. The current  home address of James Charles Dickinson is 4640, White oak ave, Los Angeles, California.

James Charles Early life and Education

James Charles Dickinson was raised by his parents in Bethlehem, New York. It is heard that in his childhood he used to be very much obsessed with vacuum cleaners and hence he wanted to be a cleaner. Dickinson wanted to be an electrician in his childhood. His hobbies include painting, drawing, and singing. James Charles came out to be gay as he was attracted to men.

James Charles Dickinson studied at Bethlehem Central High School, which is located in Delmar, New York. James did a part-time job in a frozen yoghurt shop while he was completing his studies. James Charles Dickinson completed his graduation in the year of 2017 from Bethlehem Central High School.

James Charles Relationships

The marital status of James Charles Dickinson is “not married”. He is currently single and doesn’t have any girlfriends or boyfriends. His mother, Christien Dickinson, is a housewife. His father, Skip, was believed to be a contractor. He has one brother named Ian Jeffrey Dickinson. His brother is a model by profession.

James Charles Career

James Charles’s first job, which he got after completing his graduation in 2017, was as a hairstylist. While James was in his hometown, he did hairstyling for clients. James Charles realized that he wanted to do makeup as a profession. As James Charles wanted to pursue makeup as a career, his father helped him by changing his office into a makeup room. The popular makeup artist became the first male ambassador at the age of just 17 for CoverGirl. James Charles started his Youtube channel at the age of 13 in December 2015. It is believed that James would have chosen law as a career if not being a makeup artist.

James Charles Physical Appearance

James Charles Dickinson has a standard height of about 5 feet 9 inches. He has a body weight of 60 kg. James Charles has a brown eye. His hair is brown in colour. 

James Charles Net worth

The most popular makeup artist has a net worth of $22 million. He has a home which is worth $7 million in Los Angeles, California. James, from his childhood, is totally a self-taught makeup artist. James Charles is the most popular makeup artist in America. James Charles has a huge number of subscriptions on his Youtube channel, which also adds to his net worth. 

James Charles Social Media Appearances

James Charles Dickinson is active on all kinds of social media platforms. James has more than 22.9 million followers on Instagram. He has 23.9 million followers on his Youtube channel. He does not have a Twitter account.

Instagram: @jamescharles

FAQs About James Charles

Q1. Did James Charles complete his graduation?

Ans: Yes, he had completed his graduation.

Q2. What is the father’s name of James Charles?

Ans: Not yet revealed by James Charles.

Q3. What is the marital status of James Charles?

Ans: He is not married.

Q4. Is James Charles gay?

Ans: Yes he is gay. His parents found out about this when he was 12.

Q5. Does James Charles have a girlfriend?

Ans: No he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

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