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Sangeeta Sornalingam: Wife of South Superstar Vijay, Know About Her Bio

Sangeeta Sornalingam

Sangeeta Sornalingam is one of the power-packed, active, and most successful actors in Indian cinema, a well-known celebrity wife. She became a public personality after marrying Kollywood veteran Vijay Chandrasekhar, popularly known as Thalapathy Vijay. Sangeetha is also known as the daughter of a Tamil-Sri Lankan industrialist.

Want to know about the wife of one of the highest-paid actors in India and also about his lifestyle? So in this article, we will bring you every important detail we know about Vijay Thalapathy wife Sangeeta.

Who Is Sangeeta Sornalingam?

Sangeeta Sornalimgan is an Indian celebrity who was born in Sri Lanka. She is of Sri Lankan origin, however, she is an Indian and currently living in Chennai, South India. Her father is a businessman and a very successful industrialist. Her fame started after she married the famous Indian actor of Kollywood, Thalapathy Vijay, whose full name is Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar. Sangeeta is a Hindu religious follower and has immense faith in it. Her husband is also an Indian celebrity who is loved by the public.

Sangeeta Sornalingam
Sangeeta Sornalingam

Sangeeta’s Physical Appearance

The wife of a famous Kollywood actor is a 50 years old lady whose date of birth is 14 April 1972. She is a beautiful woman deep down, and always has a smile on her face. She has a good height of 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs around 62 kg and has a healthy body. Her long black hair and big brown eyes were perfecting her and making her look even more beautiful.

Sangeeta’s Childhood, Family, and Education

Sangeeta Sornalingam is a Srilankan-born lady, whose mother and father both are Indians. Her father, Mr. Sornalingam moved to Sri Lanka along with his wife, Nirmala Sornalingam(Sangeeta’s mother) for his business purpose as he is an industrialist. Sangeet has taken birth in Sri Lanka. She has a younger sister who was also born in Sri Lanka.

Sangeeta Sornalingam Family
Sangeeta Sornalingam’s Family

Sangeeta attended a private school in Sri Lanka and completed her high school graduation there. After completing her secondary studies, she moved to the United Kingdom to pursue higher university studies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree.

Sangeeta’s Career

Sangeeta chooses to be a homemaker and is not following any other profession. She has no professional interest and is baby-cribbing her children and taking care of her home. She fulfills every duty of a married woman. However, her husband is a professional actor who has made tremendous name and fame not only in South India but all around the country. Sangeeta has been visible many times with Vijay at several events like award shows, functions, or at his shoots.

About Sangeeta Sornalingam Husband Vijay Thalapathy

Sangeeta Sorlingam married Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, better known as Vijay or Thalapathy Vijay. They spoke to each other for the first time in the UK when Sangeeta was studying there. You must have seen many films, Vijay. Sangeeta and Vijay met during the shooting of the South Indian comedy film “Poove Ankaga”. During the shooting, Sangeeta was impressed by Vijay’s acting. After that, the two of them had a short meeting, related things, and began to enjoy each other’s company. Sangeeta was a big fan of Vijay and always wanted to talk to him and whenever she got a chance she interacted with him personally. This leads to their friendship and when Vijay learns that she is the daughter of a Tamil-Sri Lankan industrialist, he moves into her home with her mother. The couple married in 1999.

Thalapathy Vijay
Sangeeta Sorlingam With Her Husband Thalapathy Vijay

The couple has 2 children, a son, Jason Sanjay Vijay (2000), and Divya Sasha (2005).
Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar is a 48-year-old, Madras-born man, who has emerged as one of the greatest actors in India. Vijay, is one of the highest-paid actors and has earned immense respect. He has done 66 films with lead roles and considered a Thalapathy because of his international fan following. He is the holder of the International Achievement Recognition Award and this has demonstrated his influence at the international level.

Sangeeta Sornalingam Net Worth

Sangeeta has not followed any profession and she is not a working woman. But she has been born into a well-established family and then married a successful actor. Her estimated net worth according to her treasure is around 5 crore INR.

Sangeeta’s Social Media Handles

Sangeeta remains very active on social media. Apart from his industrial life, he gives equal importance to social media. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that she uses regularly along with her Instagram account. On her Instagram, you can see various pictures of her and Vijay from various functions and occasions. Sangeeta is active on Instagram with 6,075 followers and she is following only 2 people, her husband, Vijay, and A.R. Rahman.


Sangeeta Sornalingam is a media face and a popular celebrity wife. Her husband is Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, a famous Indian actor who predominantly works in Tamil films and has earned international recognition through his hard work. Sangeeta is not a professional person, she likes her family and likes to be with them and take care of them. Despite being the daughter of an industrialist, she chooses to be a housewife. And now, she is a mother of 2 kids and lives in Chennai, India with her family.


Who is Sangeeta Sornalingam?

She is the wife of South-Indian actor, Thalapathy Vijay.

What is her age?

She is 50 years old.

How many children do Sangeeta and Vijay have?

They have two children. One is a little princess named Divya, and the second is a royal prince named Jason.

Which nationality does Sangeeta belong to?

Although Sangeeta was born in Sri Lanka and lives in the United Kingdom, by nationality she is an Indian.

What is the significance of Thalapathy in Vijay’s name?

Vijay is often called Thalapathy, which means commander or leader. The name Thalapathy is given to him because of his outstanding performances and roles in every movie.