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Mohammad Azharuddin ex-wife Naureen Azharuddin Bio – Age, Career, Family, Divorce & Net Worth


India is one of the countries where people fantasize about playing cricket. Cricket is not only a game for us; our emotional feelings are connected with it. Many players have come and gone since the beginning of this game, but only a few have stayed and made their names. One such player is Mohammad Azharauddin, formally known as azhar or azzu. Naureen Azharuddin, as her name reflects, is the ex-wife of Mohd Azharauddin. 

Naureen’s Age, Height, and Weight 

Naureen was born in 1971, but no one knows what month or date she was born. Maybe she didn’t tell anyone. She belongs to the city of Charminar, i.e., Hyderabad. Naureen is 50 years old. If you look at Naureen, you will find that she is quite tall, having a height of 5 ft. and 4 inches. Another thing is that she has an approximate 55 kg weight. 

Naureen’s Early Life and Education

Naureen was born in Hyderabad, but where she was born, which school she attended, what her father’s name was, what he did for a living, and many other details about her personal life remain unknown. The only thing which is known is that she has completed her graduation and post-graduation from Bengaluru, but it is unknown which specialization she completed her studies in. 

Naureen’s Career 

When Naureen got married to Azhar, she was living as a housewife. At that time, it was uncertain in which field she wanted to develop her career. It was also uncertain at that time whether she wanted to do something or whether she wanted to live as a housewife her entire life. After her divorce, there are no sources for what she is doing to earn a living. She is an educated woman. She is probably doing something to earn sufficient money, but there is no information regarding the same. 

Naureen’s Married Life 

In 1987, Naureen got married to Azhar, and it was a grand Muslim marriage ceremony. They were both living a happy married life, but suddenly they got divorced in 1996. It was a shocking moment because Azhar was a well-known celebrity and cricketer. He had always been seen in the limelight with his wife. But he has been dishonest to his wife for months and is having an extra-marital affair with Sangeeta Bijlani.

Naureen’s Social Media

Naureen doesn’t believe in using social media because it makes your personal life public. Prior to the divorce, she appeared in several photos on Azhar’s social media with him. But after the divorce, there are rare moments when you find her photos on social media. However, she sometimes looks at her eldest son on his Instagram. 

Naureen’s Earnings and Net Worth 

There is no current information available about her net worth, earnings, or what she does for a living. Since she got divorced, she has been living separately, and no one knows about her income or net worth. 

FAQs about Naureen Azharuddin

Q1. Do Azhar and Naureen have any children? 

Ans- Yes, Azhar and Naureen have two sons, Asad and Ayaz, and they are living with their mother, Naureen. 

Q2. Are Sangeeta Bijlani and Azhar married? 

Ans- After being divorced from Naureen, Azhar married Sangeeta in 1996, but his second marriage also did not last for long. Sangeeta and Azhar got divorced in 2010, and since then, Azhar has been living alone

Q3. Did Naureen get married after the divorce to Azhar?

Ans- There is no evidence as to whether Naureen got married to anyone or not after her divorce with Azhar. 

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