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Who is Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards injured in the riot? Know All About


Caroline Edwards was the first police officer who got impaired during the riots that took place on January 6, 2021. Caroline is a 31-year-old officer working at the U.S. Capitol. The brave lady fought for hours in a so-called battleground created by the mob.

Capitol riots and their initiation:

On January 6, 2021, ex-President Donald Trump alleged that the elections held were just biased and he was the one who should be the president again and not the current president, Joe Bidden. Former President Trump addressed the people, his supporters, and party people that the counting of votes that is taking place at the Capitol building is unjust and that they are trying to betray people by the false counting of votes. He asked the benefactor to march toward the Capitol and protest peacefully for their voices to be heard. He also alerted them that if they fail to fight for themselves, they will “lose their country”.

Commencement of brawls following the speech:

Minutes after the speech by Trump, the malicious crowd headed towards the Capitol in thousands. The slogans of justice were shouted in unison. The nasty mob infiltrated the building by breaking glasses, barrier gates, and lunging from windows. They also threatened office workers and attacked them. Approximately 150 people were post hospital care injured during the riots.

The Proclamation of Caroline Edwards:

At her hearing on June 10, 2022, Caroline confided to the investigating committee about the whole scenario. She added that it was like an “action movie scene,” where she discovered her fellow officers’ faces coated in blood, and she was staggering in the blood of natives. She was catching people, saving them and herself from the bunch. She added that though she is a trained professional, she was not given training for a situation like warfare. She also found her fellow officer, Mr. Sicknick’s, face pale and was breathing his last.

Caroline Edwards age:

She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1991. She is 31 years old and holds American citizenship.

Caroline Edwards Education:

She had done her schooling in Atlanta, Georgia. The brilliant officer has earned her graduation from the University of Georgia.

Edwards Family:

The name of her parents will be soon updated. She was born in a family of combatants, her grandfather was a Marine who took part in the Korean War years back. He lived his entire life with bullets in his body and never complained about it. He is her role model.

Edwards’ husband/BF:

She believes in keeping her life private. No details of her husband or partner have been revealed as of now. Neither has she been spotted dating or posting pictures of her partner.

The net worth of Caroline Edwards’

She possesses a substantial net worth of $500,000. She can proudly say that every penny she earns is hard-earned money.

FAQs on Caroline Edwards

Q1. Who is Caroline Edwards?

Ans- Caroline Edwards is a courageous Capitol Police Officer, who fought on Jan 6, 2021, riots in Capitol.

Q2. Who is the husband of the heroic lady, Caroline?

Ans- She is unmarried.

Q3. How did Caroline get injured?

Ans- In her attempts to halt the mob from entering the premises, she was wrecked, as a result of which she banged her head on the staircase and got injured.

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