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Types of Criminal Cases Handled by Criminal Defence Lawyers


With more than 5 million residents, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It is also one of the safest cities in the world, coming in fifth on the 2019 Safe Cities Index. Even so, crimes continue to happen in the city. The consequences of being accused of a crime can be disastrous for your life. The police or the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt for a defendant to be found guilty. As a result, the results of police investigations must be confirmed in court using the evidence acquired. It can be difficult and unpleasant to find yourself being accused of assault at any moment. Suppose you’re considering hiring criminal lawyers Sydney to defend you in a case involving assault. In that case, it is best to look into their prior experience and track record in successfully defending and prosecuting assault cases. 

Criminal lawyers are categorised into two types: defence lawyers and prosecutors. Defence lawyers defend the accused, and the prosecutors prosecute the one charged and usually work with the state and police. The criminal areas in which the defence lawyers typically provide services are as follows. 

Drug Charges: 

The professionals provide instant guidance, support, and legal representation throughout the entire court procedure, regardless of whether accused of major drug offences or a minor accused of possessing a prohibited substance. Typical charges include:

  • Marijuana possession charges 
  • Charges related to synthetic drugs
  • Charges related to the supply of illegal drugs
  • Charges for growing prohibited plants 
  • Charges related to importing drugs

Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault carries a maximum term of 14 years in jail when an individual has sexual contact with a person forcefully or without their consent. Additionally, if the sexual assault occurs in aggravated circumstances, the penalty is increased, and the offender faces a sentence of twenty (20) years in prison.

Domestic Charges: 

Domestic violence includes people living together, like a spouse, family members, or someone you have lived with previously or living with, physically harming one another. The criminal defence attorneys can advise you on the penalties and defences available if charged with domestic abuse. Domestic violence is a “personal violence offence.” Additionally, if a plausible outcome were to occur, they advise you on a possible result of your case. 

Fraud Charges: 

Being accused of fraud could have a terrible effect on your life, making it more difficult for you to get a job and ask for financial assistance in the future. However, with the aid of a skilled criminal attorney who is well-versed in this area of the law, you can prepare the best defence against the accusations made against you and safeguard your name. 

Final Thoughts: 

Criminal lawyers in Sydney or other parts of Australia offer the best guidance and support throughout the legal journey. This duty also includes acting in their clients’ best interests, avoiding conflicts of interest in cases, and being honest and respectful in all professional interactions to maintain the public’s trust in the legal system.