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We love playing games all over the world. Games allow us to forget about daily routine problems. Nothing is better than skipping the worst part of the day by joining the casino nz. There are many different types of games in the world. Some will grant you adrenaline, others will focus your attention, and some will give you the opportunity to earn money. We are going to share some latest news from the wonderful gaming world. Play fair and have fun! 

Hell Let Loose

      Team17 and Black Matter have announced the release date for a major free update for Burning Snow, a hardcore shooter set in World War II, Hell Let Loose. The update will bring a new map, weapons, vehicles, and much more to the game.

     The Burning Snow update will be released on December 6th. You will be able to test your might on the new map “Kharkiv”. That is a snowy location in the city of the same name. Also, some new vehicles will be added. You will be able to try T-70 light tanks and jeeps for all US, German and Soviet factions. As for the weapons, the fans will be happy to see the M2-2 flamethrowers and Flammenwerfer 41, Molotov cocktail, and Bazooka. The creators also made several improvements to player animations as well as uniforms, and additional UI fixes. 

         Hell Let Loose is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The shooter will be free to play from December 1-5 on PC and December 8-12 on consoles.


     Studio Games Box has published the first trailer of the survivalist from the stone age Primitive. The video on the main website shows various prehistoric animals of those times such as mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, wooly rhinos, and giant reptiles.

       The developers promise a plot with unexpected twists, there will also be random events. Of course, it will not do without the obligatory elements of survival in the form of crafting, stealth, and exploration of the world around. The game is supposed to be brutal, tough, and relatively close to the reality of those wild times. The release of Primitive is announced only on the PC, so far without any time frame.

RPG Digimon Survive

      Developers of the turn-based RPG Digimon Survive with visual novel elements from HYDE studio reported that the game has sold more than 500,000 copies. Both digital and physical shipments of the title were taken into account. Digimon Survive is also now 30% off on Nintendo eShop. The promotion will last until December 4th.

     Digimon Survive tells the story of a group of friends who went on a camping trip but somehow ended up in a world of monsters and danger. Now they have to survive and return to their world.

      The gameplay is reminiscent of classic Pokémon titles, but only with tactical battles. You need to choose monsters, they can evolve, and in the course of communicating with friends, you can strengthen bonds with them and receive bonuses for this. A system is familiar to many from Persona. Digimon Survive can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.


      The developers of the 2.5D action game GRIME from the Clover Bite studio have released a new trailer for the game. It became known from it that on December 15, the developers will release the title on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as release the Colors of Rot add-on.

    The addon will add a lot of new content to the game: a new region (Childbed), opponents, weapons, abilities, and the ability to fight with enhanced versions of bosses after passing. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development, but no release date has been announced.

    In GRIME, gamers will have to get rid of enemies with the help of living weapons that can change shape and function. The main character is a creature with a miniature black hole instead of a head, which can pump out forces from enemies.

      GRIME came out last summer on PC.