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A Guide To Creating The Perfect SMS Blast


SMS messaging is one of the best ways to tackle a successful digital marketing campaign in the modern era. A lot of newer businesses believe that the market is just over-saturated with such campaigns, especially since SMS marketing has been going on for well over a decade now. However, the fact that almost everyone walking around out there has a smartphone just makes this brand of marketing more viable now than it’s ever been before. One of the hottest trends in SMS marketing today is called “blasting.” This is a technique that can help you pull in a lot of traffic and conversions, but it has to be done correctly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build the right blasting campaign.

Step 1: Find the Right SMS Platform

The first step is to find the right platform. SMS blasting is a very specific technique whereby you’re sending a single text message to a very large portion of your list (or all of it) for a one-time push. This is usually happening if you have a promotion to advertise or some sort of new product or feature, and thus you need to be able to coordinate and create better. An SMS platform centralizes all the different tools and options you need to build your blast list and craft the perfect message. You shouldn’t try the blasting technique without the assistance of a quality platform to assist you.

Step 2: Whittle Down Your Phone List

The next step to take here toward the perfect SMS blast is to really concentrate on narrowing down your list and focusing only on conversion potential. To be clear, an SMS blast isn’t something you should do as soon as you start SMS marketing. This is a move better left for people who understand how to operate these campaigns and for people who have achieved success already in SMS marketing. The reason this is important is that previously successful campaigns allow you to create a category of numbers that are receptive to your messaging. These carefully cultivated numbers are far more likely to provide you with conversions instead of treating your blast like spam. So make sure you create a separate number list for your blast.

Step 3: Craft the Right Headline

Headlines matter tremendously in SMS marketing. While SMS marketing has proven to be very beneficial for businesses, the fact is that every single campaign you launch runs the risk of being viewed as spam. One of the best ways to avoid this fate is to lead with a headline that truly entices the recipient to pay attention to the actual message. Your headline should be in the title case, very intriguing, and it should catch the eye of the recipient right away. Research and practice creating compelling headlines. For a blast to go successfully, you’re going to need a great headline.

Step 4: Include Promotional Materials

The next step here in creating the perfect blast should entail having something to actually promote on your end. In other words, you don’t want to run a blast message just to remind people that you’re still in business or to wish people a happy Friday. You’re going to be thought of as a spam business. What you want is something to promote, an actual reason for reaching out and contacting people. BOGO promotions, percentage point discounts, brand new products and/or features, etc., are the sorts of reasons you want to be sending out a blast. If there’s nothing to promote, there’s no reason to blast.

Step 5: Make the Message as Professional as Possible

The last step before you send out your blast is to make sure that the whole message is carefully crafted to come across as professional as possible. No misspellings or bad grammar; no stuffing with useless links or fluff information. You need your proper headline, and then you need short, eye-popping prose to push whatever promotion you have. Remember that the goal here is to get the recipient to actually click through and land on the destination you have in mind.

In Conclusion

It’s not difficult at all to send out the perfect SMS blast. Just find a quality platform and craft a good message to send to the right numbers.