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Reema Kapoor Bio:The Kapoor family’s third generation: all you need to know about Career, Children, Age, Net Worth, Relationships, News Updates, Wiki & More


Pyyar hua ikrar hua pyaar se phir kyu darta hai dil. 

Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil maloom nahi hai kahan manzil……

A song that everyone loves, a man that everyone remembers, a man with a lot of talent, a man whom we call the great Raj Kapoor. He is an actor whom everyone from the 90s to the 21st century will always remember. He died, but his loved ones are still alive. Reema Kapoor is the beloved and youngest daughter of Raj Kapoor. She has three brothers and one sister, and the most interesting fact is that all of them have a name starting with “R”. They are the 5 R’s of Raj Kapoor, namely; Randhir, Rishi, Rajeev, Reema, and Ritu.

Reema Kapoor’s Age, Height, and Weight

Reema Kapoor was born in the city of dreams, i.e., Mumbai, on September 28, 1952. She is the youngest member of Kapoor’s family, with an age of 70 years, a height of 163 cm, and a weight of 80 kg. She is the mother of two sons but still looks young and pretty.

Reema Kapoor’s Early Life and Education

Reema Kapoor is from a well-known and celebrity family. She was born and brought up in an educated family and completed her schooling at Middle High School in Mumbai. After that, she completed her graduation, but her college name is still unknown.

Reema Kapoor’s Career

It is unknown whether Reema Kapoor has an interest in any field or not. Her father was a great actor, but she never indulged in any activity related to the film industry. Neither does she follow any occupation to earn a living. She is always seen as a housewife, and it seems that she is very happy  being a housewife. Her husband and sons earn more than enough.

Reema Kapoor’s Married Life

Remma Kapoor is married to Manoj Jain, a well-established and successful entrepreneur and investment banker. It was the cold day of December 20th, 1998 when they both tied a knot and started sharing each other’s life, pain, sorrow, and happiness. They both have a small and happy family in which they have two charming sons named Armaan and Adar.

Reema Kapoor on Social Media

Reema Kapoor doesn’t use any kind of social media, either Facebook or Instagram. However, there are various members of her family, including her sons, who use social media a lot.

Reema Kapoor’s Net Worth

Her status as a housewife, as previously said, makes it impossible to estimate her net worth. Reema Kapoor is always photographed with her family in pictures, indicating that she is leading a good quality of life. Her spouse is rich between 10 to 12 crores of Indian rupees, and both of her boys are doing well.

FAQs about “Reena Kapoor”

1.What does Reema Kapoor do as a profession?

Reema Kapoor, by profession, is a housewife. She is the mother of Armaan Jain, the famous actor of the film ‘Lekar hum Deewana Dil’.

2.What is the age of Reena Kapoor’s younger son?

Reena Kapoor’s younger son, Adar Jain, is 27 years old.

3.What does Reema Kapoor’s elder son do?

Reema Kapoor’s elder son, Armaan, is an actor by profession. He worked in the film industry.

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