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Importance of Individual SWOT Analysis Along With Personal Appearance for Students


We have usually read and discussed about modern development in the field of education like induction of tools as ERP for school. But here we will discuss how to perform SWOT analysis individually for students. Here we need to understand every word of SWOT where S stands for strength which means those fields where you have expertise and control as compared to others, W represents weakness that means conditions or factors whom one can’t control & becomes numb, O states opportunities that means conditions where an individual can take  benefits of the chances available around him/her and last but not the least T stands for threats which means unfavorable conditions which can fail a learner or an individual. SWOT analysis is an essential technique especially for students in order to find beneficial factors in them and remove harmful factors out of them. 

A personal SWOT analysis is very useful for specially students to improve and enhance the skills of the students by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and by observing the threats which can harm their career and by grabbing the opportunities to become successful. Let’s have a glance on it:

  • As a student one should be aware of the aims of his or her life till a certain age and also that how and till what time period, he or she is going to achieve it and should work accordingly.
  • A learner should always be aware of his or her weakness and strength. Opportunity around you. Therefore, one should be well aware of these things in his/her personality.
  • A student should be in a very awakened state of the mind and should be very attentive about any kind of chances around you, however chances are created externally, like around you in your workplace. As if a monitor is dismissed from his post in a class due to some reason, then this can be a good chance to prove yourself by performing his job along with your job and in this way, you can prove to your tutors that you are a multitasking student.
  • One ought to know the art of handling those external forces and situations which can turn victory into defeat and are known as threats. It is so because such external forces can disturb the smooth flow of good things in life. Such as when a student is preparing for IAS and a roommate of his falls ill with cough and cold then he is under threat to get infected just before the exam. So, his friend is a threat right now to his dream of being an IAS, because being ill he won’t be able to attempt the exam.

It doesn’t matter who you represent when you speak in front of a mass or mob but it is you who is speaking with people and representing your educational institution/ organization or yourself. In online learning students get support of tools like LMS portals but among people they have to help themselves while addressing. Hence, it is very necessary that your appearance can create the aura where everyone listens to you and believes in you. Visual effects are much more impressive and powerful than verbal effects. It is a very common phenomenon that people make perceptions about a person just by having a glance on him/her, which includes expressions on face, the attire you wear and behavior along with body language. Let’s understand these facts in detail:

  • The foremost thing in appearance which is noticed in society is what you wear and how well-groomed you always love to be always. A reputed educational institution or organization wants you to always be in a neat and tidy look, if they have given you a uniform then it should be well ironed and shining and in the same way rest of the things should be in an order. 
  • Your correct facial expressions make listeners listen to you with grave attention whereas wrong facial expressions finish the interest of listeners in you.  In the same way sometimes, your facial expressions help and save you too. For example, if you greet someone everyday with a nice smile and one you greet him with a pale face then immediately, he recognizes that something is wrong and comes forward to help you.
  • Body language is the most important part of communication with anybody. Body language is the effect of your physical appearance which makes you communicate without verbal communication and you can convey many small messages just by body language. The way you stand, sit, move your hands and postures of your body, facial expressions make a very clear scene of what is going on in your mind and what kind of person you are. 

Therefore, if a student wants to succeed in his or her interview then it is necessary that he or she should focus on the above enumerated points and should groom herself/himself as much as he or she can to succeed.

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