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How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Belongings?


Cats are one of the most self-conscious creatures when it comes to cleaning themselves. Well, that is not the case with most dogs. Dogs are known to drool around, which makes their saliva stick around surfaces; it could be on their belongings or yours. 

A study by Harvard researchers has discovered that a dog’s saliva has the same types of bacteria found in a human mouth. This means the surfaces of your home, couch, dog toys, and other places where they could have potentially drooled upon have bacteria. 

No matter how we love our dogs, it is not acceptable to have their germs and bacteria running around every nook and cranny of your home. Thus, cleaning your belongings and your dog’s belongings is the best thing to do. 

You may be confused about how you should handle your dog’s belongings. Well, here is a quick guide:

  • Regularly clean the food and water bowl of your dog. This is the most in-contact belonging. You can clean it once a day or after meals to ensure a safer and hygienic environment.
  • If your dog loves to lie on the couch or bed, you must grab a lint roller to remove its furs. Do this before you send the linens to a laundry service.
  • Disinfect their toys with warm water and mild detergent. This method and solution are quite often used because dogs have their favorite toys. 
  • Dogs are not conscious of their paws or bodies, and they could have something that may stain the couch or belongings. If this happens, do not forget to pretreat the stain.
  • Do not wash or dry your dog’s belongings together with yours. You have to clean them separately. 
  • Vacuum your dog’s bedding regularly. This prevents dust mites from taking place on their beds. Remove as many furs as you can. Moreover, it minimizes the pet odors because your dog’s skin and coat look healthy.
  • Only clean your dog’s toys with warm water. Do not apply any bleach, vinegar, or detergent to their toys. If there are fabric toys, it is best to use mild dishwashing soap and hot water to sanitize the toy. Dogs are sensitive to scents. That’s why you have to rinse them well. 

See? You can still have a clean home despite your fur pets lounging around. After all, your dogs also need to have clean belongings to avoid them from being exposed to too many bacteria or parasites. 

Final Takeaway

Dogs are adorable pets; they love to be cuddled or played with their toys. It is safe to say that your dog’s belongings and yours are contaminated with bacteria or germs from their mouth. That’s why follow the practices we have mentioned to ensure you have a clean home and a healthy dog.

You can rely on your dog’s bedding and blankets for laundry pickup and delivery service. This is more convenient than bringing those dirty sheets to the shop. Always wash your pet beddings before running any human laundry.