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Top 5 Tools That Helps Kids to Learn Programming. Know In Detail

Teach kids to Learn Programming

Today, software engineers are on-demand in both huge corporations and start-ups. Those who create websites, like the best online casino in Canada, release games and software products and have considerable incomes. And even kids can get into this niche thanks to these 5 programs.


Scratch is one of the world’s most popular and attractive platforms for learning programming. However, Scratch isn’t a high-level programming language that can be used to create multi-page websites or mobile apps.

Scratch is a visual programming language originally designed to teach kids about code structure and logic. In Scratch, kids use block commands to create code, and after such non-boring learning, they get interested in the IT field, and later they can take up the study of text programming languages.

In Scratch, the child will be able to assemble the first program and run it. Then they will be able to work out the errors that occurred and try to run the project for several users at once, creating a multiplayer.

Everyone can create games in Scratch! Try to watch a series of video tutorials on YouTube dedicated to making games in Scratch in different genres. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to create your first projects and publish them on the official Scratch website.


If your child enjoys learning how to create games with visual blocks, then take a closer look at mobile apps and computer games.

The main task is to collect commands from the blocks to control the movements of the mini robot. The further you progress through the levels, the more complicated the programs you have to make become.

The Lightbot will turn to learn to program into a fun game where, as you complete the tasks, your child will learn basic code concepts such as sequences, variables, and functions, and learn how to apply them to solve problems.


The Kodable app will help your child begin to learn programming by guiding them through online puzzles. The game consists of a total of 105 levels. To pass a labyrinth, you must correctly create a sequence of blocks – the directions of movement. During the game, children will learn the concepts of the cycle, condition, functions, etc.

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is an online platform to promote the idea of programming around the world. Every year the event starts in an online format and unites thousands of schools around the planet. The platform also provides free tutorials and video lessons for self-study in programming.  

On this platform, you can find many lessons on programming in Minecraft, Kodable, and Scratch.


The Roblox sandbox game offers kids a chance to dive into programming and create their own 3D games. To create scripts, the textual language Lua is used – a simplified and intuitive programming language, which is great for beginners.

By creating games in Roblox, children will learn how to use plugins for games, upload characters and individual items to the Roblox online store, and earn in-game currency.

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