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How Accelerated Online MBA programs can Fuel Your Career


An MBA is one of the most adaptable and in-demand degrees available today, preparing students for high-paying management jobs. In recent years, the course has become a go-to option if you are looking to fuel your business acumen and advance your professional career.

However, a two-year-long program might not be possible for everyone to attend, especially if you are a working professional. This is where accelerated online MBAs come into the picture. These programs allow you to earn business school degrees while investing less time and money than traditional MBA programs require. Here’s everything you need to know about an accelerated MBA course offered online. 

What is an online accelerated MBA program?

Accelerated MBA programs are a shorter-term alternative to regular two and three-year MBA programs. It condenses the MBA program into 10-12 months while awarding you the same degree as students of traditional MBA programs. This will helps you gain a headstart on building a sophisticated business career. All in all, an accelerated MBA may be the best option if you want to complete your MBA without giving up two years of employment.

As is the case for traditional MBAs, many universities offer accelerated MBA programs in the online format. These increasingly popular courses offer possibilities for learning that are just as good as those offered on campus. In reality, many of these online accelerated MBA programs share the same faculty members, courses, cohort structures, and student resources as in-person accelerated MBA programs. As a result, you can leverage the flexibility and convenience of online learning without sacrificing the quality of education.

Is an accelerated MBA as good as a regular MBA?

MBAs get their reputation through their curricula and the success of their students in the workforce. Even though accelerated online MBA programs require students to spend less time in the classroom, they are just as rigorous as standard programs.

This is because accelerated programs cover the same business concepts as a two-year MBA but are completed in one academic year without a summer break. They provide you with the chance to enhance your network, develop your business knowledge, and use your newly learned management skills at your workplace more quickly.

Business essentials including finance, accounting, and marketing are taught in an accelerated online MBA program. These programs also cover fundamental concepts such as the functions of management, strategic decision-making, organisational leadership, legal and ethical challenges in business, and how to conduct research efficiently. By learning these concepts, you can gain a comprehensive grasp of the business environment.

MBA programs, however, are not one-size-fits-all. As a result, just like their longer, more traditional counterparts, accelerated MBA programs provide specialisations that enable students to hone in on a particular field. This is especially critical if you have job experience since a person with work experience will already have decided on a field of interest. By choosing between specialisations such as finance, administration, human resources, supply and distribution, and marketing, you could increase your chances of standing out from your colleagues and landing your dream promotion.

What careers do accelerated online MBA programs unlock?

Graduates of accelerated online MBA programs can work in various industries including healthcare, government, non-profit, education, retail, and banking. The job you end up doing will be determined by your MBA specialisation as well as your particular abilities and interests. Here are a few of the career choices available to MBA graduates:

  • Chief executive officer (CEO)
  • Sales manager
  • Financial manager
  • Operations manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Top-level executive 
  • Transportation manager
  • Administrative services manager.

Is an online accelerated MBA right for you?

Online accelerated MBA programs save you time and money while offering the same curriculum as conventional MBA programs. However, accelerated online MBA programs aren’t suitable for everyone.

You acquire the same knowledge, develop the same competencies, and get insights from the same sort of case studies and real-world business teachings in accelerated online MBA programs that you do in regular MBAs. However, all of this knowledge will be compressed into a shorter time frame. As a result, accelerated MBAs require significant effort and intellectual aptitude from students to handle the program’s rigorous schedule and competitiveness.

If you are a working professional with significant experience, doing an accelerated MBA program online makes sense. You may have an undergraduate degree in business and will already be familiar with business concepts. If you have a non-business undergraduate degree and no relevant work experience, an accelerated online MBA program may not be the ideal choice for you. 

What are the benefits of accelerated online MBA programs?

Here are the five key benefits of an accelerated online MBA program: 

Saves time: Students pursuing an accelerated MBA spend less time away from the workforce. As a result, it is a fantastic solution if you have above-average job experience, are clear about your professional goals, and want to reach them as quickly as possible.

Affordable: Online accelerated MBA programs are generally more affordable than their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, the opportunity cost is lower since you spend less time away from the workplace.

As good as a traditional MBA: Just because you choose an accelerated online MBA program does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Accelerated programs cover the same topics as a traditional two-year program. You’ll study the foundations of business and gain a more comprehensive grasp of important strategies and concepts. In addition, you will typically enjoy the same career opportunities and wages as graduates of standard MBA schools.

Specialised skill sets: Accelerated MBA programs enable you to specialise in a certain industry. This helps to expand your possibilities and advance your career.

Enhances time management skills: Completing an MBA in less than a year is a huge challenge, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to hone your time management and multitasking abilities.


If you’re a business professional seeking a rapid, effective return on investment, an accelerated online MBA program can help you progress your career quickly. Numerous institutions offer accelerated MBA programs that may be completed entirely online and that mirror their on-campus offerings in terms of faculty, coursework, and student resources. 

While many colleges provide accelerated online MBA programs to satisfy student demand, you definitely don’t want to pick one that falls short in excellence or quality. It is essential to look up rankings for MBA programs and business schools to choose the best accelerated online MBA program for yourself. The Harappa School of Leadership (HSOL) offers modern, fast-paced learning programs and positions students for career success with an intense, unmatched focus on communication, leadership and life skills.