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8 Popular Shipping Jobs


 Shipping is a great sector to work in. It’s possible to get a job where you don’t need a college degree unless that’s what the company wants, and then you can work your way into a management position or even become an owner! The hours are flexible, and the job is fun because it provides plenty of opportunities to interact with people.

Here are the top shipping jobs:

1) Delivery Driver

You don’t need to be a trucker to want to complete shipping work. All you need is general knowledge of where things are within the city and the ability to find them. If you have these skills then it should be easy to find shipping work at https://www.shiply.com/us/shipping-jobs

Furthermore, those with license plates, like truck drivers, have an advantage because it’s faster to get a job as a delivery driver than it is to be able to drive on your own. Working for someone else means that transportation costs are not an issue, but you still have the choice of working for yourself and having your own vehicle.

2) Freight Carriers

This job is similar to being a delivery driver, but with the difference that the cargo is more stable instead of the baggage that the delivery driver has. Freight carriers are required to be able to drive, but they will find many people who only want them to deliver goods. Having experience in delivering goods is not necessary, but having a license and knowledge of what’s allowed in different states will make it easier.

3) Warehouse Manager

If you’re interested in working as a warehouse manager and have previous experience, then you can choose this option. You’ll have access to all the goods within the warehouse and even be paid per unit of goods produced.

4) Warehouse Worker

If you want to interact with everyone, do a warehouse job. Load up trucks with boxes or move them around a warehouse, sit back and watch people come in and out of the building to pick up boxes for shipment.

5) Freight Broker

A freight broker is responsible for bringing the shipping company and transport company together. They are used by both companies and are responsible for finding shipping routes for a shipment.

6) Shipping Agent

If you want to manage shipping, then this is your job. You’ll find contracts, negotiate with carriers and other customers, and solve problems that come up within the shipping world.

7) Cargo Ship Crewman or Ship Captain

A ship captain is much more than a person who gets this job title. They must have a ton of skills to be able to fit the duties that the job requires. They have to be able to navigate through dangerous waters to make sure the ship arrives in one piece and protects its crewmen at all costs.

8) Procurement Manager

Procurement managers work with vendors in services such as distribution, supply chain management, transportation, and logistics. They choose the existing supply network and their relationship with suppliers is a basic requirement for this position. Procurement managers also ensure that suppliers are working on time and that the products are delivered on time.

The shipping industry is a great field to work in. You can either work on the road, be office based, or work in a warehouse. If you’re looking for a flexible career that will allow you to travel the world and perhaps even see some new sights, this is your best option!