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Five Strategies for Quicker Credit Card Debt Repayment


Paying off credit card debt quickly may be simpler than you think. The secret is making a solid plan and following it. In fact, credit card repayment is part of the Symple Lending well-curated retirement plan advice. However, there are numerous ways to pay off any credit card debt fast. Here are five strategies to get started.

1. Pay One Debt at a Time

Which of your other credit cards has outstanding balances? Start clearing the debt by paying the balance due. Once in the clear, reduce the debt one card at a time. How, you ask? Continue reading.

2. Pay More Than the Bare Minimum

Ensure you check the statement on your credit card to know the required minimum repayment amount. It might take significantly longer to pay off if you only pay the minimum balance. Remember, you’ll pay less interest altogether if you pay more than the minimum.

3. Create a Monthly Spending Plan

Creating a monthly spending plan ensures you don’t spend more than you can afford. As a result, you’ll stay out of debt by avoiding borrowing money from your credit cards unnecessarily and repeatedly. In other words, you’ll live within your means. Living beyond one’s means is a leading cause of credit card debt accumulation. The plan should specify when you anticipate becoming debt-free.

Use the Avalanche Technique

The Avalanche Method is arguably one of the most effective strategies to help people get out of credit card debt. Ideally, it recommends paying the minimum amount on your cheapest credit cards. Conversely, you should maximize the payment on a credit card with the highest interest rate after paying off any debt with set monthly payments (mortgages, car loans, and terms). The Avalanche Method will enable you to quickly reduce your debts and save money.

Use Your Savings to Lower Your Debt Faster

Savings are good for a bad day. However, it’s amazing that many people consistently contribute to a savings plan while drowning in credit card debts. Consider using the funds to reduce their debt or possibly pay it off completely.

When you have an emergency fund, you are saving for sporadic needs. Therefore, you might want to hold off on making more savings account installments until you have paid off your debts. This is especially advantageous for people who aren’t setting aside money for certain expenses, like auto maintenance.

Essentially, you could save more money by paying off your obligations sooner than you can ever earn in interest from a savings account. Consider accelerating this process by taking advantage of job promotions, tax refunds, and other financial windfalls.


Credit card debt repayment demands perseverance and patience. Nevertheless, you may make your journey easier by following the aforementioned strategies. Incorporate financial guidance from experts for other prominent options, such as a debt consolidation loan from Symple Lending.