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Aiven Announced $100M Series C Round Funding, Now It Valued Over $800M

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The software company Aiven has announced a Series C funding round of $100 million. The organization leverages the advantages of both cloud computing and open-source software. The company is now valued at close to $800 million, thanks in large part to the $150 million in funding it has received from investors.

Although Atomico served as the company’s principal investor, newcomers Salesforce Ventures and World Innovation Lab also participated. Key investors in Aiven’s Series A and Series B funding rounds, Earlybird Venture Capital and IVP, have significantly boosted their initial investments.

Aiven 100m Series C Funding

Aiven is a Helsinki, Finland-based computer software firm that provides open-source technologies with cloud infrastructure, Recently Aiven announced that it has raised $100M in Series C round funding, which brings the company’s total valuation up to $800M.

In these funding investor like (Earlybird Venture Capital) and Series B (IVP), played a key role, they previously participated in the aiven series funding round, and other investors who invested in the 100m funding round is Atomico, and World Innovation Lab as per Aiven 100m 800msawersventurebeat.

Aiven wants to invest the funds in increasing its international presence, developing and launching new products, and making greater contributions to the development of open-source technologies.

Aiven’s goods can be utilised in any industry, therefore the company will be able to explore untapped markets with the help of fresh funding and investors. The corporation plans to more than triple its present employees and set up an official open-source programme office in the upcoming year.

Aiven’s CEO & Co-Founder Statement

Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and co-founder of Aiven, has stated that the company’s goal is to “promote open source” and enhance engineers’ working lives. We’ll be able to make greater contributions to the open source community, train more people, enter new markets, and grow our current operations thanks to the increased money.

Aiven’s Services

In January 2021, open-source database management services overtook commercial ones in terms of usage for the first time. These days, open-source software drives the whole economy, from energy meters to retail analytics to home automation. Many already-in-place systems present a serious obstacle to operational efficiency if handled on a national level.

Through its fully managed services in the public cloud, Aiven increases the number of people who may benefit from the most popular open-source projects. A few examples are Apache Kafka and Cassandra, OpenSearch, M3, and PostgreSQL. Aiven provides these features for PostgreSQL as well.

Using Aiven, businesses of any size can quickly and easily set up a reliable, scalable, and open-source data infrastructure in any part of the world, according to their precise specifications.

The rest, including deployment, configuration, ongoing maintenance, and round-the-clock monitoring on all of the most popular public cloud services, can be handled by Aiven in a matter of minutes. It includes both established businesses and innovative startups, such as Comcast, Fiverr, Vidio, Wolt, and many more.

“There is strong evidence that Aiven will emerge as the go-to solution for visually beautiful, fully functional, open-source data infrastructure. Changes are happening quickly and on a worldwide scale “Hiro Tamura, an Atomico partner provided some more information.

The open-source technologies that Aiven provides are rapidly becoming the preferred approach for addressing the information needs of MNCs due to their user-friendliness, scalability, and openness. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Aiven’s service is essential since it eases the burdens of maintaining this fantastic technology. This frees up developers’ time and energy to concentrate on creating software rather than administering the underlying infrastructure.

All About Aiven

Aiven is a Helsinki, Finland-based computer software firm founded in 2016, that provides open-source technologies, including PostgreSQL, Kafka, and M3, and these are all readily available on all the most popular cloud platforms. The company’s headquarters are in Helsinki, and it also has offices in Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, and Boston.

To better focus on creating apps, Aiven frees up developers’ time. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what they do best: managing cloud-based data centers. they assist their clients in generating revenue from open source, which has the potential to effect positive change even beyond their local communities.

Aiven had previously raised about $50 million through several fundraising rounds. Atomico, a dominant European venture capital firm, led its most recent fundraising round, which also included Salesforce Ventures, World Innovation Lab, Earlybird Venture Capital, and IVP.

The company stated that it intends to devote a “substantial part” of its funding to expanding its contributions to pure open source projects, as well as bring new products to market and expand worldwide, with another $100 million in the bank (with a $800 million value). In order to promote its own contributions to open source projects, the company also said that it will create a specific office for its open source programme and triple its staff over the course of the upcoming year.

About Atomico

Atomico is a venture capital firm based in Europe that invests in fast-growing, ground-breaking tech startups at the Series A and later stages. Consequently, thanks to Atomico’s extensive operational knowledge, these firms may rapidly expand.

Over a hundred innovative teams have collaborated with Atomico since the company’s inception in 2006, and that list includes Klarna, Supercell, Graphcore, Compass, MessageBird, Masterclass, Attentive Mobile, Pipedrive, and Hinge Health.

Atomico’s current leadership team, including its founders and investors, have all previously held positions in international business development, human resources, and marketing at tech giants including Twitter, Uber, Skype, and Google. The value of the assets now under management is $2.7 billion.

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