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DroneDeploy Raises $50M To Accelerate Drone Mapping

DroneDeploy Raises $50M

DroneDeploy is a company that provides a platform for capturing high-quality drone images. The company has recently raised 50 million in a series E round of funding.

This growth is followed by a capital increase in a few months. With the advent of the 360 Walkthrough product, DroneDeploy is now able to provide businesses in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries with a more comprehensive view of their locations.

A Company’s efforts in San Francisco now involve ground-based visual data collection in addition to aerial drone photography. This is accomplished by fusing information obtained from diverse sources and transforming it into actionable intelligence. Site managers may, for instance, compare and contrast films from different eras to explain what kinds of changes have occurred and to pinpoint the root of a problem.

In order to gather 360-degree video construction documentation from the ground, DroneDeploy collaborated with robotics startup Boston Dynamics and construction giant Brasfield & Gorrie, which has been using DroneDeploy to capture aerial data since 2015.

Together, DroneDeploy and the team managed to pull this off. With a 360-degree camera mounted on the Spot robot’s four legs, the firms demonstrated their ability to remotely and autonomously collect data inside of structures. How the robot can be put to use for them was shown, and so the mission was completed.

This was done, however, to show off DroneDeploy’s new service, which is compatible with the vast majority of 360-degree cameras and can be operated either manually or automatically. When passing through a piece of property, it can be used in conjunction with a camera attached to a stick, automobile, helmet, or another device. Some other instances are:

Integrations with numerous third-party commercial apps constitute the backbone of the DroneDeploy platform. There are hundreds of different apps and services that can be integrated with Egnyte, but some of the most popular are Autodesk, Procore, Bluebeam, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Egnyte. Additionally, any developer can connect to the DroneDeploy platform by way of an API (API).

DroneDeploy had previously been able to get finance of roughly $93 million. As a consequence of a funding round spearheaded by Energize Ventures and AirTree, the company has received an extra $50 million, putting it in a solid financial position to continue its expansion “beyond drones” and to double down on its aspirations for Europe. Energize Ventures and AirTree were the primary investors in this round of funding as per sawersventurebeat.

DroneDeploy facilitates the remote collection and analysis of visual data from operations, job sites, and assets through the use of drones and ground-based cameras. DroneDeploy is the tool that allows this to occur. In view of the need for decentralized, cloud-based solutions in reaction to COVID-19 and other international social distance criteria, the rising popularity of commercial drone use is notable.

As a result, more and more companies are using commercial drones for their operations. Foresight firm DroneDeploy predicts yearly corporate use growth of 259% by 2020, with widespread use by Fortune 500 corporations across industries like energy, agriculture, engineering, property and logistics management, and insurance.

Frontline Ventures partner Stephen McIntyre is very excited about DroneDeploy’s entry into the European market. For the time being, Europe is the firm’s second-largest market.

Frontline Ventures collaborates with major players in the SaaS industry to penetrate the European market. DroneDeploy is in a great position to successfully secure its leadership position in other countries thanks to its dominant position in the commercial drone sector in the United States and rapid expansion into fields unrelated to drones.

New improvements to DroneDeploy’s Vertical Flight and 360° Walkthrough are now available to everyone. The combination of these factors allows for the collection of visual data from ground-based cameras or from drones flying in a vertical plane alongside a structure or item. To meet the ever-increasing standards set by its clientele, DroneDeploy is constantly innovating in order to provide better service.

Recent accomplishments in getting certification under ISO-27001 and attestation under SOC 2 Type 1 demonstrate DroneDeploy’s sustained status as an industry leader in corporate security. Contact a representative or check out the DroneDeploy corporate blog if you’re curious about the company’s offerings.


DroneDeploy is the industry leader in providing commercially useful drone data. International businesses rely on DroneDeploy. The data obtained from the monitoring and recording of everything from building sites to power plants to farms can be evaluated to provide useful insight for many different sectors.

DroneDeploy offers the potential for cost savings and productivity gains for companies operating in these geographies. DroneDeploy’s top-tier mapping, 3D modeling, and reporting are available on any device, anywhere in the globe thanks to data acquired from the interior and outside of a building. You are not confined to being at home or the office to make use of these services.