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Can We Prevent Memory Loss?


Technically, we lose our memories on a constant basis and this part has nothing to do with age. Some of us retain our memories better than others of course, and age really does negatively affect our memories unfortunately. On the other hand, no one can retain their long-term memories without significant distortions over time, and that holds true irrespective of how young and/or cognitively blessed one might be. Then again, that’s just natural memory loss which most of us do not even register and experts consider to be the norm for humans. This brings us to the next question, what is abnormal memory loss?

Abnormal Memory Loss: Negative Deviation from the Norm

Abnormal memory loss is a very broad category which includes everything from temporary amnesia to permanent loss of neuro links that make up our memories. It can still be defined as any type of unexpected memory loss that’s brought on by an external factor. Note that age is not an external factor and age-related memory loss is neither abnormal, nor too severe. On the other hand, advanced age can be a factor in bringing about several known external reasons for abnormal memory loss.

What Causes Abnormal Memory Loss?

There are numerous reasons that are identified as external factors for abnormal memory loss, and some are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, almost all types of abnormal memory loss can be traced back to damaged links between the neurons because those links are what we call memories.

The only exceptions would be purely psychological factors such as shock and repression after a traumatic event. Barring such exceptions, every other external cause for abnormal memory loss, ranging from direct brain trauma to Alzheimer’s disease causes memory loss because they damage the neuro links.

Can We Prevent Abnormal Memory Loss?

Not many of us would undergo traumatic head injuries willingly and nobody can predict the future, so alertness and caution are the best that we can do to avoid them! However, when it comes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, and other neurological maladies that tend to affect the aged population most, there are steps that we can take to decrease their intensity, progression, and sometimes, even their onset.

If you are an aging senior who is already experiencing significant memory loss, then your first step should be that of consulting a physician for a proper diagnosis. Also, you should no longer be living alone, as that can be dangerous for your own wellbeing. Do a quick Google search for assisted living near me to sort through the senior living communities close by. Choose one with a proper memory care program that’s designed to prevent abnormal memory loss as best as possible.

Although complete prevention is not possible, we can preserve our memories and even retain other cognitive abilities with stimulation. It may sound generic, but it is a scientifically proven fact that regular physical exercise, proper nutrition, and social interactions can keep our cognitive abilities intact for longer. Couple that with regular brain teasing sessions and you will stay sharper for much longer. Playing video games work exceptionally well too, as it turns out.