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5 Must-See Cannabis Festivals



Cannabis lovers are in luck! There are plenty of opportunities for you to gather with fellow users (and lovers) to celebrate your favorite thing. 

Across the country, there are a ton of annual cannabis festivals that provide a completely immersive experience that celebrates the wonders of cannabis. 

Plus, you’ll be able to discover your next favorite thing among friends. To help you map out your must-visit festival experience, we’ve rounded up a few key events to try out. 

What to Keep in Mind for Cannabis Fests

Before diving into which cannabis festivals are a must, it’s important that you first understand the ins and out’s of the cannabis festival experience. 

First and foremost, general etiquette and rules of the cannabis community still apply. 

Some of those rules can include being 21 years and older to attend, while etiquette to follow might be the pack it in, pack it out, or “leave it better than you found it” rulers of overnight and day festivals alike. Plus, don’t forget the golden rules of sharing cannabis, like using proper measurements as outlined here

1. 420 on the Rocks

This cannabis fest is perfect for hip hop and cannabis lovers as it’s tailored to both! The annual event includes major artists like Wiz Khalifa and Ice Cube as performers, which makes it a major destination for cannabis lovers. 

The show is hosted in Denver, Colorado, at the Red Rocks Park and celebrates Colorado’s impressive cannabis culture. If you’re looking for a great experience enjoying music and cannabis, this is the spot to be!

2. National Cannabis Festival

When it comes to cannabis festivals, few are as well-known as THE National Cannabis Festival. The annual event typically takes place at the RFK Festival Grounds in Washington, D.C., in the spring. 

Because this is a mega show, the live music lineup is filled with big names, including 2022’s headliner, Wiz Khalifa. Other highlights include tailored experiences, including the culinary pavilion, culture pavilion, policy pavilion, and more. 

Cannabis lovers (literally) can have their very own ultimate weed wedding, egged on by a crowd of excited peers. The possibilities are endless, and as one of the biggest cannabis festivals in the country, you’ll experience everything on a much larger scale, compared to other more intimate experiences. 

3. Reggae Rise Up Festival

Another large festival for cannabis lovers is the reggae Rise Up Festival. While not exactly a “cannabis festival,” there is certainly a special role that cannabis plays in the overall experience for attendees. 

Not only is there an extensive set list for the festival itself, but there are also a number of afterparties and shows to be enjoyed. Keep in mind that the Reggae Rise Up Festival is not a one-time thing but rather an event that is thrown in multiple cities across the country. 

So one week, there may be a Reggae Rise Up Fest in California and the next in Maryland. This universal access has helped to elevate it as a destination for cannabis lovers! 

4. Kind Bud Campout

Looking for a more intimate experience? You’re going to love the Kind Bud Campout experience. Taking place in Northern California – Black Oak Ranch to be specific – this is the ultimate adult summer camp experience.

Here, you’ll enjoy hash tasting and experience the creative juice behind various artists, musicians, and open mics. Another big component of the Kind Bud Campout is that storytelling is a highlight – just like real camp. 

Gather around, sing songs, and listen to tales from near and far, all while enjoying what you came for – cannabis. If you do not want to camp on sight, there are day parking locations in which you can come and go and hotels in town to stay overnight. 

For those looking for an unparalleled, immersive experience, Kind Bud Campout can’t be beaten. 

5.KushStock Festival

It’s no secret that California is a destination for cannabis lovers. As such, it has a number of festivals up and down the state to help bring together like-minded people. 

One of which is the KushStock Festival, located in Adelanto, California. In addition to a robust lineup of activities, there are also a number of amenities that guests can enjoy. 

Some of these include free water, restrooms, live art, and glassblowing to accompany the live music, plus a lot of merch and giveaways throughout. 

The never-ending things to do, paired with good vibes from like-minded people, make this event one you won’t want to miss. 


With an uptick in the normalization and legalization of cannabis, there are plenty of festivals to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for a small-scale experience or a large mega-festival, there are plenty of options available. 

You might also consider looking locally for something that lets you celebrate your cannabis love without having to travel far.