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List Of Popular Online Games You Would Love To Play

Popular Online Games of 2022

If we go back in time, we find that playing games on gaming consoles such as Nintendo gaming systems, PlayStations, Xboxes, and PCs, which we used to play at home, is the most common way to do so.

However, a recent study shows that online games are the upcoming big thing and the gaming industry’s future. However, many people continue to use the system to play games. Let’s see the 2022’s Top  Most Played Online Games-


A video game created by Mojang is called Minecraft. The video game with the most sales worldwide is known as Minecraft. In 2020, there were 126 million active users. Users are free to act however they like as a result. Consequently, the users have total control over the game. 


PUBG is on the internet attracting as many players as they had hoped with each passing day. PUBG was essentially built on the foundations of Armor and H1Z1. This game can be played by 99 people at once. The major reasons this game is so well-liked are the realistic environment, in which a map and a mission are assigned with more enemies concealed in the bushes, and the graphics. The game is won if all players survive and take out every hiding enemy.

Apex Legends

The free battle royale game Apex Legends is different. Respawn Entertainment created the game, while Electronic Arts is the publisher. According to reports, it will be accessible on iOS and Android by 2022. The game supports play across platforms.

In order to defeat other players, 20 three-person teams or 30 two-person squads will travel to an island where they will look for supplies and weapons. The island will keep getting smaller as the game goes on, so you have to act quickly or perish. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the thrilling online shooting games is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The aims of the two teams, which are separated into terrorists and counter-terrorists, are the focus of the game’s concept.

In one of the game’s most popular game modes, terrorists search for a bomb while counter-terrorists try to prevent them from carrying out their intentions. Another strategy is Counter-Terrorists attempting to keep hostages that the Terrorists have captured safe.


Users can play the collectible card game Hearthstone for free. Blizzard Entertainment designed and released the game. Hearthstone draws inspiration from the Warcraft series’ canon by making use of similar objects, people, and artifacts.

Regardless of the players’ location or platform preference, the game allows them to compete against one another. Two players would compete in a card-based game utilizing created decks of 30 cards, each featuring a chosen hero with a special ability. To defeat the opponent’s hero is the objective.

League Of Legends

Riot Games created and released League of Legends, a multiplayer online game. To create a standalone game for the same genre, the league of legends was founded. The game is accessible to everyone for no charge, however, personalization and other enhancements are not free.

Every well-known game in the world has adopted the Freemium model. The game’s premise is that two teams of five players each will face off against each other, with each team attempting to capture and defend its own portion of the battlefield.

Each player in the game represents a figure known as a “champion,” with unique characteristics and various playing styles. The simplest way to win the game is to accumulate experience points and buy equipment that makes your squad stronger so that you can finally defeat the enemy team.

Call Of Duty Mobile

My personal favorite game on mobile is Call of Duty. Call of Duty Mobile is my go-to choice if I feel like playing a battle royale game. Wars are essential to the game’s theme. One of the top shooting games available worldwide is this one.

The game has launched a number of titles. You get to decide which option to select from those I’ve ranked above. The finest feature is that you may play this game anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

Among Us

The 2018 online multiplayer game Among Us was developed and promoted by American game studio Innersloth. Both the science fiction horror film The Thing and the party game Mafia served as inspiration for the game.

The game is cross-platform compatible. For iOS, Android, and Windows, this will happen in June 2018 and November of the same year, respectively. Each player assumes one of two roles; the majority play Crewmates, while a small minority play Impostors.

The purpose of the Crewmates is to either locate the Impostors and vote them out or to achieve all of the map’s objectives. By killing the Crewmates before they do all of their tasks or by precipitating a disaster that cannot be prevented, the Impostors hope to covertly end the mission.


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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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