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A Brief Guide On Hand-Tied Extensions


The hand-tied method is one of the oldest methods for adding length to the hair, but it’s still used today because it looks natural and beautiful. Many women choose hand tied extensions over other types because they can be less noticeable compared to tapered pieces or lace wigs that look synthetic when worn out in public or at home.

What Are These Extensions?

They are extensions with natural, 100% human hair or synthetic fibers. They are the best choice if you’ve been searching for a way to increase the volume of your natural hair without damaging it or using any harmful chemicals. These extensions allow people to increase the length of their hair in no time. 

Why Are They Famous?

  • Looks Natural

These extensions are popular because they look natural, and purchasing a high-quality one will make it hard for people to distinguish. Some are made from 100% human hair and take several weeks to get created.

  • Maintenance
    • They are easy to maintain and manage because you do not have to worry about washing them daily. 
    • They are easy to manage because you can brush them or use a blow dryer on your desired style, and they will stay in place all day long.
    • They are easy to take care of and last longer than other types, with up to 8 weeks’ worth of wear time.
  • Durability

These extensions are durable and will last longer. They are stronger and more durable than different types of hair accessories available in the market. Their durability makes them the best choice for clients who want an easy option to grow their hair out in length.

  • Length

They are the most natural-looking ones. They can be cut shorter if needed to meet the desired requirements. Hand-tied also comes in shorter lengths for the ones who would like to experiment with short hairstyles. 

  • Affordability

Hand tied extensions are affordable compared to other permanent hair extensions. You don’t need expensive tools like crimping irons or hot rollers. Instead, it would be best to accessorize yourself with some bobby pins from departmental stores before heading out.

Different Types

There are various extensions; however, two stand out: weft hand-tied and original hand-tied hair extensions.

The best extensions are the weft hand-tied extensions. They are made of 100% human hair, which means they’re gentle on your natural hair and won’t damage it like other synthetic ones.

Original hand-tied hair extensions are great If you want a combination of quality and economy. 

Only high-quality hair extensions with soft and shiny ends will give you a natural look without any glue or tape on your scalp. 100% Remy human hair comes from root to end. It has no shedding, no tangling, and no chemical processing.


These extensions are the most natural choice and look like your own hair. They look beautiful on everyone. Using only one strand at a time can give you the softness and shine needed for any look. If you want more volume or length, add more strands. This makes them versatile enough for most styles—from casual looks like ponytails or buns to dramatic bobs with curls, you can try everything. 

There are many online stores offering quality hair extensions. Look for reviews to check the quality of the products before making a purchase.

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