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5 Factors to consider before purchasing face masks 


Suddenly, face masks became essential for isolation and protection during a pandemic. People worldwide were instructed to wear them. Every country started to manufacture masks by combining their resources to protect their citizens. 

Australia also made all efforts to avail all its citizens of face masks as soon as possible. It immediately organised more than 2000 firms to produce masks. Also, like every other country, Australia followed specific standards to maintain good quality for serving the purpose. 

Australian made face masks ensure to reduce the viral infection present in the environment and on person-to-person contact while preventing its propagation. It means if you touch an infected person, you can lessen your risk of infection by using this mask. 

In this article, you can find the factors to consider before purchasing quality face masks. 


Understanding the various fabric kinds offered on the market will help you select the best facemask to protect you. The best fabric for your needs must be chosen because different materials give varying degrees of protection. Selecting a sweat- and bacteria-resistant fabric ensures that your facemask effectively protects your respiratory system. The best choice for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or works in a humid environment is a facemask constructed of breathable and moisture-wicking materials. Some standard fabrics include tea towels, cotton, linen, scarves, etc.


A proper fit is something that many people overlook when buying a facemask, yet it’s crucial to consider. A proper-fitting facemask ensures a facemask’s adequate protection for your face. The comfort and protection a facemask offers vary significantly depending on how well it works. When adjusting a facemask, there are several factors, such as comfort and ventilation. Making sure a facemask fits appropriately is crucial for protecting your respiratory system, so try it in various situations before using it.

Multiple layers 

Utilising masks during a pandemic has several possible advantages. The capacity of the show to shield the wearer from droplets and airborne particles that the diseased individual can transfer is one of its most crucial features. The mask’s effectiveness in filtering virus particles is improved by its several layers. So make sure to check for enough protection layers while selecting a mask.

Exhalation resistance 

A mask that prevents exhaled air from passing through is known as an expiration resistance mask. These masks can stop the spread of bacteria or viruses. Health care workers frequently wear masks since they spread infection and may be more likely than the general public to become infected. It should be done if the medical professional is in good physical shape and has no conditions that would increase their susceptibility to infection. So, if you are a front-line worker, look for this factor. 

Co2 clearance 

Masks should be able to eliminate CO2, as they are crucial breathing equipment. While a mask with poor CO2 clearance will only allow air to enter the lungs, it can help more air get to the lungs. Additionally, it helps shield the wearer from breathing in dangerous infectious droplets, dust and gases, even in a bothersome environment without increasing exposure. Further, Australian made face masks are very particular about this feature. 

Thus, these are the top factors to consider before purchasing a face mask. Ensure you do not ignore any of the above-mentioned protective features and stay safe.