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Igtools: Best tool for Growing Instagram Audience & Followers


Today’s Generation is the generation of social media. A person who is famous on a social media platform has been considered no less than a celebrity. Everyone wants to be a social media star and Igtools is the application that helps in turning this dream of every dreamer into a reality. if you are an Instagram worm, then you are on the right track. Know About Igtools in detail below –

Igtools is a software that helps you in gaining multiple Instagram followers, insta posts likes, story views, IG story views, and many more advantages which we will discuss in this article. So be attentive and stick here like a magnet.

What Are IGTools? 

Igtools is a software that is used to help insta users by increasing their Instagram account’s visibility and quality. This sounds quite interesting, right?

By using this tool you will find an exceptional hike in your Instagram followers list, plus many more other benefits as well, And the most attractive and brilliant feature of using this app is that it is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for using this application. 

Excellent Features Of IGTools Application:

As you already know that this is a website from where you can magnify your Instagram account activity and gain the attention of others on your account. Now let’s know the key features of this amazing website, So following are the main Instagram optimization features that you can enjoy from IGTools-


Igtools.net adds a large number of followers to your account and this will be done for free. Your Instagram followers get a hike of followers in just a few minutes and for free of cost. 


The stories posted by you on your instagram account will get a huge number of views with the help of this website. 


Likes on your post can also be sent for free and thus, increase your post visibility on others’ feeds


When someone comments on your post, you get a good vibe from that person and in return, you want to thank that being. Thanking for this can be done by liking their comment on your post and sometimes we are not able to like everyone’s comment, right? 

But don’t worry, Igtools is here to help you. Igtools can send free likes on the comments you get for your posts for free.


If you are a lover of the poll votes features of Instagram and want to get a lot of responses, then Igtools can send free votes to your polls. Go and use it. 


Want to see lots of views on your videos, and want to show off in front of people, use IGTools.net to send lots of views on your video. 


Yes, you read that right, with this amazing feature you can get free views for your live session on insta. 

So these are the list of all the features that can be enjoyed by utilizing Igtools.net. 

Pros And Cons Of IGTools

Before going ahead, it’s better to discuss some facts that will be helpful for our knowledge, and on the basis of that, we’ll be able to decide whether one should use this tool or not. So here are some pros and cons of IGTools.net–

Pros of Igtools

  1. You will get lots of features to increase the quality and observability of your account.
  2.  One can get extra likes, views on stories and videos, followers, likes on comments, etc.
  3. This is absolutely free software. 

Cons of Ig tools

  1. Igtools is neither present on the Android store nor on the IOS version. 
  2. This is a third-party website. 
  3. To use this application, you have to enter your Instagram username and password for signing in.

The most doubtful thing is that we have to give our insta account credentials to IGTools.net to enjoy its features. This sounds weird, right?

Also, it is not safe to enter your password to any application which is from a third-party website. So, we can conclude that it is not safe to use this application. But the choice is yours only.

Where Will You Find IGTools.net Application:

As already discussed, the Igtools application is a third-party software, which is why it is not present on the play store. If you want to use it after knowing all the cons of it, then you can easily find it on its official website– IGTools.net.

If you want to download this software you have to search for its website. Then you find a link for downloading IGTools, you just click on that link and follow the required steps asked by the website.


What is IGTools.net?

It is software used to enhance insta followers, likes, views, etc.

Can it increase the likes on comments?


Is it safe to use?

No, there are some security issues.

Is This available on the play store?


Is it free?