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Supermicro is a leading technology company that offers high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation services in the market. It has provided enterprise-grade server designs and advanced computing solutions for over two decades. 

The company’s mission is to “make technology work for people and businesses.” Supermicro focuses on the needs of its customers by providing products that meet their specific needs and ensuring that customers have the best possible experience and support.

Supermicro high-performance computing server

Supermicro offers high-performance server products for various industries, including enterprise, data center, cloud, content delivery networks and high-performance computing. Supermicro’s server products are designed to meet customers’ most stringent requirements through a combination of technology and innovation. Supermicro’s servers enable customers to maximize their return on investment while reducing operational costs and downtime.

Supermicro is committed to providing the best possible customer experience. The company is committed to the highest product quality, offering industry-leading support and reliability. The company focuses on product innovation, creating value through integrated solutions.

Supermicro dual processor rackmount

Supermicro offers dual processor rackmounts designed to maximize mission-critical applications’ performance. The company has a variety of dual processor rackmounts, including systems with two Intel® Xeon® processors or two Intel® Core™ i7 processors. The dual processor systems are ideal for data centers and high-performance computing applications such as cloud, virtualization and HPC.

Supermicro data center server

Supermicro data center servers are designed to maximize the performance of mission-critical applications with high reliability and energy efficiency. The company offers data center optimization solutions, including the Supermicro Data Center Optimized SuperServer®, which offers the best performance-per-watt and per dollar in the industry. 

The Supermicro Data Center Optimized SuperServer is optimized for Intel® Xeon® processors and supports up to 28 PCIe slots, 10 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, and two 10G SFP+ Ethernet ports and dual 1GbE LAN ports. Supermicro’s experts design high-quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient systems for data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) environments.

Supermicro high-density server

The Supermicro high-density servers are designed for HPC, cloud and virtualization environments. The company offers four models of high-density servers that are optimized for energy efficiency and high performance with top-loading storage and PCIe slots. The cloud density storage server features top-loading storage and the highest density of PCIe slots. Supermicro high-density servers can be used in cloud, HPC and virtualization environments.

Supermicro also offers solutions to advanced computing that requires high-performance storage in a modular form. The Supermicro Modular Storage Server (MSS) is a high-performance storage solution that supports up to 1.5TB of memory and 2.5TB of solid-state drive storage in a 2U form factor. 

Supermicro HPC solution

Supermicro’s high-performance computing (HPC) solution is designed for customers with unique HPC requirements. Supermicro’s HPC solutions offer customers the industry the most advanced and scalable hardware.

Supermicro provides HPC products to meet customer needs in various industries. These systems are based on Supermicro’s premium server platforms featuring Intel Xeon processors and multiple expansion options. 

Supermicro offers a full range of blade servers, workstations and storage systems that can be used to meet customers’ unique requirements. The company also provides a wide range of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions such as x86-based servers, workstations, storage systems and HPC accelerators.

Supermicro 5G RAN

With the shift to the 5G network, Supermicro has developed its 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) modules to provide the customers with cost-effective solutions for both small and large-scale 5G networks. The 5G RAN modules are based on Supermicro’s highly reliable and scalable server platforms and feature high performance, low power consumption and high reliability.

Supermicro provides 5G RAN solutions to meet various network requirements, including small cell, macro cell, edge node, and core backhaul. The 5G RAN modules are compatible with Supermicro’s existing server platforms and can be integrated into existing data centers using our industry-proven server expansion boards.

Supermicro HGX server

Supermicro New NVIDIA HGX-2.0 Server is one of the most cloud servers in the world. It is designed for the next generation of AI and deep learning applications. It is based on the latest NVIDIA Volta architecture, which provides up to five times the performance of Maxwell 2.0 in deep learning inference and up to four times the performance of Pascal in AI training.

The server will double the performance delivery of the Volta GPU to accommodate the needs of next-generation AI and deep learning applications. Supermicro’s server is equipped with NVIDIA NVLink, which enables 2x the GPU throughput, providing up to 2x performance in deep learning inference and up to 4x performance in AI training.