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Uk Government Invests £700k In Ukc3 To Strengthen Its Cyber Security

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UK cyber companies are expected to receive a large funding increase to aid in the development and expansion of their cybersecurity strategies. Finances for the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration came from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS)

The £700,000 award will enable UKC3, a network of 20 regional clusters of cyber businesses, “improve people’s skills, collaborate, and remove local growth impediments.”

The money will “offer opportunities” for networking, knowledge exchange, and funding to support skill development and innovation. Additionally, to promote UK cyber growth, online firms, employers, and neighborhood associations will now collaborate.

Their cybersecurity sector is currently worth £8.9 billion, and they’re working assiduously to take its wonderful growth to the next level, said Minister for Digital Infrastructure Matt Warman in response to the investment.

“Their new UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration will assist address growth bottlenecks, increase people’s digital abilities, and provide businesses with a new avenue to improve their business acumen.”

In order to assist cybersecurity enterprises and enable them to form partnerships and programs, such as addressing skills gaps and a lack of business support, UKC3 was developed as a focal point for industry stakeholders to communicate with.

“The UK’s booming cyber sector is recognized as being among the best in the world, and with more collaboration, innovation, and skill development, we have a real chance to generate growth that benefits businesses and individual individuals across the UK,” added Richard Yorke, chair of UKC3.

“The cyber industry is at a vital and exciting period, and we want organizations to partner with us to foster sector growth.”

The money is a part of the government’s larger effort to strengthen the UK’s cyber capabilities as the nation recovers from the pandemic’s effects. The government is now working on a new national cyber strategy, which it hopes to release this year.

This most recent financing is a huge help to UK tech companies, which are now giving cybersecurity more priority than ever. Data from Reports indicates that businesses in the UK are devoting more money than ever to address the “increasing cyber issue” as the problem’s scope “continues to both evolve and increase.”

Companies were targeted more frequently in 2020 than in 2019, with 28% receiving more than five total targets, according to the statistics. The UK was cautioned in March not to “get complacent” in the face of cybersecurity dangers by Lindy Cameron, CEO of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC).

She claimed that while the UK’s cybersecurity landscape “reflects great progress and relative strength,” it is not a situation in which we should become comfortable.

With this money, there is a great chance to increase the number of clusters in the UK, fill in the previously indicated regional coverage gaps, and promote collaboration both locally within clusters and nationally through inter-cluster collaboration.

On this mission already are the current clusters: For instance, Wales’s education and training cluster seek to “bring together businesses, schools, colleges, academia, and the public sector,” but CyberNorth, the cluster for the North East of England, strives to “Make a lot of noise to create awareness and build belief.”

Although £700k seems like a lot of money, in reality, such numbers don’t go very far, therefore UKC3 will need to be resourceful and innovative in order to make the most of it in order to fund the widest range of activities.

Growing a nationwide network of Cyber Clusters is the first and most fundamental step in this effort. However, it continues by being as creative as possible with events, communication, and cutting-edge methods for collaboration with parties both inside and outside the cyber business.

What Is The Mission Of Ukc3?

The UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration was established to assist Cyber Clusters in their goal of stimulating industry growth. In order to do this, we provide finance as well as networking, knowledge-sharing, best practice sharing, and opportunity identification chances for regional and ultimately national growth.

As a national organization, the UKC3 collaborates with the public, corporate, and academic sectors and offers organizations desiring to interact with the UK Cyber Cluster community as a single entity.


Who is the CEO of National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)? 

Lindy Cameron

When was UKC3 established?


How many regional clusters of cyber companies make up the UKC3 network?


From which departments will the investment be granted to UKC3?

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

How much is granted to UKC3?


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