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Flexiv Raises $100M Series B Round, Wants to Make Adaptive Robots for Manufacturing Industry

flexiv ai 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv, an adaptive robotic producer enterprise, has raised $100 million in its series B round funding. This round had made the full capital raised flexiv enterprise over $120 million. 

The AI-powered system imaginative and prescient tech flexiv enterprise receives the support from many investors like Meituan, New Hope Group, chinese major agricultural company, Meta Capital, the venture capital firm of China, Longwood, private equity firm, Gaorong Capital, china’s prominent venture capital firm, YF Capital, GSR Capital and China and US venture firm, Plug and Play, flexiv 100m funding round led by chinese firm meituan.

About Flexiv Chinese Enterprise 

With the point of interest of growing adaptive robotics for the producing applications, a carried out scientist of Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab in Stanford, Mr. Wang Shiquan based the Flexiv enterprises in 2016. The headquarters of flexiv is in the US along with some of its fundamental workplaces in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Foshan and Shenzhen. 

Flexiv is counted as one of the world’s nicest computerized robotics companies. They focus mainly on the studies and improvement of trendy robots which should encompass the imagination and precision of computer and Artificial Intelligence technologies, so they should be capable of taking decisions like human minds and feature a trouble fixing ability.

Flexiv Aim’s Behind Raising the 100m Series B Funding

The startup reported to use this round funding for the subsequent purposes-

  • To upgrade and improve their softwares 
  • used in marketplace enlargement. 
  • the development of its robotics ecosystem.
  • They plan to upgrade the effectuation of its AI-driven robots in regions like agriculture, services, medical care and logistics.

Flexiv CEO- Founder Wang Shiquan’s Statement About 100m Investment

In an interview, Wang Shiquan, founder of Flexiv said, Our team will continue to focus on automating manufacturing and exploring new applications of our technology elsewhere, including in areas such as services, agriculture, logistics, and medical care. The founder of Flexiv also said that, in the area of adaptive robotics and tradition, the gap is certainly becoming narrower between different countries. 

“We were excited to announce that we raised $1.48 billion USD in investments, coming just three months after the company’s formation. This deal is incredible not only because it’s already one of the biggest-ever financing rounds for artificial intelligence, but also because it shows how hungry investors are for business opportunities. as per flexiv ai 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch.

In the meantime, traditional manufacturing still has ample room for automation. Delicate manufacturing processing and high precision was especially required by consumer electronics.

It means that the production line still needs to be renovated for new products. Flexiv robots, that are furnished with computer vision systems and force feedback, are able to adjust to new and challenging circumstances and potentially save factory bosses some time and setting up new machinery, added by Wang. 

Why Chinese Invester Meituan Led the Flexiv 100m Series Investing Round

Flexiv is a adaptive robotics company that distinguishes it from many of the existing players, added by Wang further. Flexiv’s largest market is in China, although for the expansion plan of Flexiv, North America is the key market. 

Meituan is a “super app”and also a shopping platform in China. It was founded by Wang Xing in 2010. Its main office is in China’s Beijing. It works as locally founding consumer products and retail services like delivery, dining, entertainment, travel and other services. 

New Hope Group, an agribusiness situated in Beijing. It has a significant presence in feed, farm automation and animal husbandry. It was founded in 1982 by Liu Yonghao. 


China’s robotic manufacturer, Flexiv, is one of the best adaptive robotics developers. Its $100M fundraising in series B round will help this company to elevate its standard even more. Now the total fund raised by the company is over $120M. With the aim of upgrading their softwares, market expansion and development of their robotics ecosystem, they are surely going to aggrandize the level of automated robotics for the future.

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