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China’s Gold Medalist, Liu Xiang Intends To Make His Return In September

Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang, the high hurdler and gold medalist of China, expects to make his comeback in the September competition going to be held in Beijing, almost after a year of his faltered exit from the Beijing Olympics, as reported by his coach. 

In December, the gold medalist of the 110-meter hurdle Olympics and world record holder, Liu underwent injured ankle surgery in the United States, due to which he will lose his title defense at Berlin’s World Champions, scheduled in August. But the news of his comeback in September’s competition is making fire among the Nation. 

Who Is Liu Xiang?

Liu Xiang is a Chinese National. He is a professional athlete, in the field of track and field. He got enormously famous after winning the gold medal for China in the 110-meter hurdle race in the Olympics of 2004 and he also made a world record in this. He achieved a huge fan following after his winning.

He was born in Putuo, Shanghai, China, on July 13th, 1983. 

In 2008, he had gone through injury of ankle for which he had undergone surgery in the US. 

The dramatic departure of Liu from the Bird’s Nest Stadium just prior to the 1st heat of his Olympic title defense was a sporadic low for the flooded host nation during the Olympics of last year’s August. 

Statements Of Liu’s Coach- Suna Haiping Regarding His Comeback

  • Sun Haiping, who is the coach and long-time mentor of Liu said, “However, the 25-year-old champion would be able to take part in the Golden Grand Prix of Shanghai if we’ll notice a continued improvement in his recovery”.
  • In an interview with China Daily, Sun Haiping said that before taking part in his career’s 3rd National Games, which are going to happen in October, they hope and wish that Liu can run in September’s Golden Grand Prix of Shanghai, without the tension of the results, he said that they just want to show the other participants and public that Liu Xang is back.
  • “Liu also awaits to defend his title of National Games for the 3rd time in October. He will win the National Game title if he’ll be able to achieve a time of 13.20sec to 13.30sec and such a result is not far away from him.”
  • It was further added by Liu’s Coach, “by the end of this month, Liu will go for another check-up and if his foot injury is not completely healed, we will not let him train in the spiked shoes and unfortunately, his return would be postponed.”
  • “All of the efforts made by us are just to get Liu back to normal and that is why we won’t pressurize Liu to take part in the Competition,” said Sun. 

Sun Haiping is keen not to hasten Liu into a return to the track, even if the injury was now 90% healed, as Liu has said that he would retire if he undergoes any other injury. 

The 11th National Games of CHINA, where Liu expects to represent Shanghai in opposition to the athletes from other provinces. This competition is going to be held between 11th- 23rd October and it would captivate 10 thousand plus participants. That is why coach Sun Haiping wants Liu to get perfectly ready by regaining his confidence by taking part in September’s Golden Grand Prix of Shanghai. 

Liu Xiang remains to be the most popular athlete of China, despite his withdrawal 

and after receiving huge backlashes by the country’s internet community, who also accused Liu of being Cowardice. 


Liu Xiang, a Chinese track and field athlete who is the champion and gold medallist of 2004’s 110m hurdle Olympic, expects his return after a 1-year rest due to the surgery of his ankle injury.

His coach, Sun Haiping said that if Liu recovers completely from his ailment then only he will take part in the September Golden Grand Prix because his health is the top priority. If he recovers then he will also take part in October’s National Games. 


Who is Liu Xiang?

He is a track and field athlete in China.

Which title has won by him?

He is the 2004’s 110m Olympic hurdle champion.

How did he get injured?

He suffered a Hamstring injury in May in New York and he had undergone surgery for that.

Is Liu Xiang going to take part in September’s games in Shanghai?

Liu’s coach assures that Liu is preparing to target September’s Shanghai games.

Who is coach of Liu Xiang?

Sun Haipings.