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Bitvalue: Launch Of $100 Million Web 3 Growth Fund By Bitvalue Capital


In an effort to support emerging blockchain initiatives and take advantage of market opportunities, BitValue Capital, a worldwide investment firm, has unveiled its $100 million Web 3 investment fund with investors from conventional investments and the cryptocurrency market in an effort to promote growing blockchain initiatives and take advantage of market prospects.

BitValue Capital offers resources, connections, and excellent dreams. The industry has continued to receive venture financing despite the seven-month bad market. Web3-powered social networks are being targeted by BitValue Capital as the next significant area of growth in the cryptocurrency market. 

Do You Know What BitValue Capital Actually Is?

BitValue Capital is a Canadian venture capital firm with quantitative trading expertise. It maintains a low profile while assembling the region’s brightest minds.

BitValue Capital makes purchases on the open market. It supports projects by incubating them and offers a one-stop shop for services ranging from coding to exchange listing. It now manages more than 300 projects that are listed on sites like Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io, etc.

BitValue Capital consistently helps and raises money for its partners, enabling them to connect with the top financial institutions in the world and supplying Connections and Capital support.

It lists services, provides marketing services, develops connections with relevant contacts, and boosts brand recognition in order to establish a win-win situation. All of BitValue’s partnerships are important to the company. It has already worked on more than 300 projects and made early investments in a number of initiatives that are now well-known, including NEAR, DOT, FLOW, MANA, and others.

BitValue’s Investment Stance

BitValue believes that each project it invests in should be treated as a partnership and that any incremental earnings should be shared equally. With successful outcomes, there will always be a long-term partnership between the two parties, and BitValue Capital is eager to collaborate with more projects in the future.

BitValue Capital offers additional resources and support to its partners. As an example, BitValue Capital has built a community and a competent team for its marketing operation. Additionally, it might suggest trading tactics to project participants. It also has a lot of connections to other exchanges and projects. With the help of all the tools and assistance, the project developers can develop more successfully and healthily.

About The StartUp

A blockchain-based application called BitVaule provides cryptocurrency wallet options. Through an encrypted network, the user is able to store, deposit, and withdraw digital money. offers alternatives for cold storage and supports several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum also offers smart contract administration, launch, and development solutions.

The team is made up of professionals from various key industries, including investment banking, hedge funds, pension funds, academia, venture capital, blockchain startups, and others. Its goal is to foster the development of world-class blockchain projects and serve as a communication link between the east and the west.

The Team Of BitValue

Members of our team are passionate about learning new things about blockchain technology and its uses. In order to advance the sector and gain mass adoption, we want to invest money in projects. Even though we are not actively involved in day-to-day operations, we regard ourselves as an integral member of the team and are ready to support ambitious business owners in their endeavours. Our interest in their achievement is personal.