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Miami-based Pipe Has Raised $50 Million Funding Round Led By Siemens’ Next47

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Miami-based Pipe raises $50 million funding, funding round led by high-profile investors like Siemens’ Next47 and Shopify.

Miami-based Company Pipe’s co-CEO and co-founder Harry Hurst announced that Its company Pipe has raised $50 million in equity funding” from Siemens’ Next47 and Jim Pallotta’s Raptor Group. These two companies led the funding round.

Also, Investors like Shopify, Slack, HubSpot, Okta, Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya, Marc Benioff, Michael Dell’s MSD Capital, Republic, Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, and Joe Lonsdale participated in the funding round. Pipe fintech company was looking to expand its business.

A mission was set up  By Pipe to help SaaS companies to accumulate funding which was led by Craft Ventures. Getting the SaaS companies paired with investors was the major goal of this startup; these investors would be the one who pays a discounted rate for the annual value on a marketplace. After a raise of $6 million Pipe accumulated funding of $ 10 million in a few months which was considered an extension to that round

In order to further its goal of providing SaaS startups with a funding option other than equity or venture loans, Pipe received $6 million in a seed round that was co-led by Craft Ventures a little more than a year ago.

Functions Of Pipe As A Startup

With the help of pipe saas $50M now, the startups do not have to take a loan or funding from VCs, the companies now can get advance on a fixed revenue. Pipe accumulates the funding for such projects or companies and helps SaaS companies get paired with investors. Pipe tries to reduce the risk of selling ‘future revenue’ to the institutional financiers which is not simply considered a debt, imagine getting a salary without even performing the duty of your job.

According to Pipe co-CEO, Harry Hurst, trading boundaries generally vary from $50 Million for smaller early-stage and debugged enterprises to over $100 million for late-stage and publicly listed companies, while there is no maximum size for a trading limit.

Pipe: Funding Venture

Founded in Miami by Harry Hurst, Pipe enables business owners to flourish according to their own terms. By viewing recurring revenue streams as an asset, Pipe enables businesses to change recurring sources of income into upfront cash right away. For business owners, more cash flow is generated, so they can expand their company without incurring debt or losses.

Pipe has given investors access to the most underutilized asset class—revenue. Pipe offers success at your convenience.

The Main Aim Of The Pipe

Recurring revenues, the first trading platform was developed by Pipe, this was done for the purpose of supporting the expansion as well as accelerating the growth of the SaaS company. heavy-hitting tech veterans have been hired by the Pipe from B2B and Stripe. 

US-based companies are adopting this Pipe platform very rapidly. This is because these companies want to grow without any debt. At this time thousands of companies have joined the startup of Pipe Trading Platform even non-SaaS companies are also joining the platform for better growth and development. 

Pipe has become a great opportunity for US-based companies to get themselves free from high debts and dilution. 

Working On the Pipe Trading Platform. 

Entrepreneurs want to grow their business on their own terms and conditions but because of loans and debts, they stop themselves. the Pipe trading platform is allowing these entrepreneurs to grow their businesses as they want. The recurring revenue is converted to upfront capital by this trading platform in almost no time. This helps entrepreneurs to scale their businesses with more cash flow. 

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